What?? Live-Streaming is the future of SnTRadio.com. Huh??

Christmas came in July when my wife received her new Sony production suite of a pro-SnTRadio.com logo blue leters on a blue and white gradient background.grade digital video camera, lights, and accessories. This is all part of her Digital Cinematography degree from Full Sail University where she is an honor student. I love the fact that she now has the means to make films, videos and do live streaming events. There is an exciting new chapter in the future at SnTRadio.com that will be built on innovative live-streaming. I know many listeners will thrill to the news that our economic base is not dependent upon commercials, but upon revenues generated by live-streaming events including concerts, conferences, and original programming that is “kingdom building” in nature.

The bottom line is when you buy a ticket to a SnT live-stream event, you are helping to support the work of SnTRadio.com. It is a win-win, double blessing situation. You get to see a concert or teacher from the comfort of your home and bless us by buying a ticket. So when you see our posts on Facebook about a live-streaming event, please like and share it with your friends even if you don’t buy a ticket. You can also be a blessing by helping get the word out!

SnT is short for “Spirit and Truth”. The music selections we play conveys the Holy Spirit anointing upon many styles of worship. The informative content of SmT’s social media, like “View From The Wall” with Greg Polla and quality live-streaming event programming will provide the biblical “Truth” to our audience.

Our vision is to eventually live-stream some of our future Internet radio broadcasts that currently being developed. Live, interactive and in HD with the goal of telling the truth and nothing but the truth to the whole world in an engaging and relevant manner. There may even be some original prime time programming dealing with discipleship concepts and signs of the end times. With the multiple channels available to distribute our video content including Roku, YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and our SnTRadio.com website, there are virtually no limits or boundaries. Our current production crew includes several individuals who make the live-streaming for Disney’s Night of Joy happen. Quality and excellence are core values.

SnTRadio.com presented its first “Live from Orlando” streaming Concert event to the Album cover featuring Caspar McCloud holding a blue guitar.world in June of 2014, which featured Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. Viewers logged in from over 38 countries outside the USA. A Netflix quality delivery platform was built on the net for that event with an eye to bringing additional live-streaming events. Since then SnTRadio.com has live-streamed three more including the  “ground-breaking” Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference from Freedom’s Light Church of God in Ball Ground, Georgia  featuring LA Marzulli, Bill Flynn and Pastor Caspar McCloud in October 2015.  Tickets to attend the October 21 -23, 2016 2nd SAPC event are available here: http://www.freedomslightchurchofgod.org/#!sapc/f0c2b  Live-streaming tickets go on sale Monday, August 22nd.

But we are really excited to be partnering with the Chrisagis Brothers to bring you the Legends 2016 Concert live from South Hills Assembly of God in Bethel Park, PA on Saturday, August 20 at 6:30 p.m. A live-streaming ticket is only $10 and you will see five legendary artists. Scott Wesley Brown, Bruce Carroll, Leon Patillo, Steve Camp, and Dave Boyer. This is a line-up that lives up to the name, Legends. Thanks for reading this blog. Please be sociable and share. See you on the Internet. James Burkhardt




Blogs That Blog About Other Blogs

One of the cool things about the internet is that everyone can express themselves. Bloggers are a great example of that fact.  I am engaged in an Internet Marketing Masters Program at Full Sail University and learning all manner of tidbits about the inner workings of the Internet and am developing a great affinity for all things that succeed in Digital Marketing. Like SEO, Websites, Email, Pay-per-Click Advertising, Social Networks, and Blogs. So as we embarked on this journey of promoting concerts we saw a lot of new Internet related ideas come to life. These past few weeks have been a flurry of activity surrounding the Phil Keaggy – Randy Stonehill concert and webcast LIVE form Orlando.  And in just a few days, we’ll find out just how effective we were at reaching people and selling tickets. At last count, we had made well over one million impressions from all the effort.

One of the biggest surprises was that other bloggers talked about it. That was so amazing to me because it is unselfish in a world where self-promotion is the name of the game. Here’s a link to a blog by GodReports http://blog.godreports.com/2014/06/outreach-concert-to-feature-phil-keaggy-and-randy-stonehill/ that is blogging about our event originally cover here in this blog. Its a pretty cool read and we are very pleased that others are catching the vision of the ministry outreach associated with the webcast. There is a new method of networking afoot. Blogs that Blog about other Blogs. What a thrill to have other people talk about one’s work. Many Thanks! Hope you all can see the webcast. James

WEBCAST TICKETS just $6.50 Click on pic

WEBCAST TICKETS just $6.50 Click on pic

Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill LIVE from Orlando

Image The Countdown resumes to this historic concert and webcast featuring Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill LIVE from Orlando. So happy to announce that Christian Music legends Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill will be appearing together LIVE from Orlando on Saturday, June 7th at 7:30PM EST.</strong> This event is the very first to be webcast worldwide at SnTRadio.com. Be a part of Christian Music history, get your concert webcast iTickets here: BUY TICKETS

At 7:00PM EST, there will be a FREE 30 minute pre-concert Green Room interview with both Phil and Randy hosted by Jesus Music expert Jerry Bryant before the ticketed concert webcast begins sponsored by Prodovite. “Nutrition you can feel”. So make your plans now to see this rare pairing of two very talented Christian Music Pioneers.

It has been a long and winding road for SnTRadio.com founder James Burkhardt to bring this vision to life. “Its time to harness the full power of the Internet to advance the Kingdom of God. It is my hope that hundreds of churches in North America and around the world will use this historic webcast as a ministry tool to reach their community and add to their church body. We are making this webcast available to forward thinking Churches who will have their congregation invite family and friends to their facility on Saturday evening, June 7th and show the webcast in their main meeting room. It’s as easy as using Netflix.” Pastors can get more info here:http://www.sntradio.com/webcast-service-request/

There will be fully interactive social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter in real time during the webcast. Viewers can tweet,, post comments, make song requests, and participate in a live chat from the webcast page or by using #LIVEfromOrlando. Is that cool or what?  

Countdown To A Concert; T minus 11 Days and Counting…



Today is Wednesday, January 8, 2014. What a whirlwind day its been. Covered a lot of ground with three different promotions rolling out tomorrow involving area Churches, Christian Bookstores and an eBlast announcing the April 12 Matthew Ward Concert with Bob and Jayne Farrell. Then we solidified the final sound and facility arrangements. Plus set up more social networking components with special help from Josh Parisoe of Social 4 Christ..Also special thanks to Dan and Martha Munizzii at Epic Worship. Whew!

The last ten days before a concert are crucial and most critical areas are coming into proper alignment. Everyday it is getting easier to sleep at night and I am waking up excited to see what our loving Heavenly Father is going to do today. He has been absolutely amazing the past 36 hours. His hand of favor is all over this event and I trust He is working unseen behind the scenes to cause the maximum benefit. All the Glory goes to Him. There is a point when you stand firm that He shows up and makes a way where there seems to be no way.

So we should peak and reach critical mass sometime late next week where it all comes together. I know Randy and Phil are looking forward for the opportunity to play a set together. I am not sure of the last time Phil Keaggy was in Central Florida but its been many years. My friends in Nashville tell me that he’s never sounded better. So here’s a great opportunity to hear one of the best guitarists in the world in a venue with absolutely no bad seats. Randy is in top form and simultaneous as funny and serious as a person can be. Its like his mind works equally from both the right and the left side. Given all the jet lag and bad coffee he’s had, that is quite cool. Plus, he’s really into reading and quoting Oswald Chambers… which is all good stuff.

Yes, I am thrilled today by how its coming together but we still have the large task of motivating 550 or 600 people to attend. I can honestly say that we are close to doing all that can be done. We’ve broken the fallow ground. Plowed and planted the seeds. We have watered and weeded as best that we can. But unless God sends His light by His son, Holy Spirit (and sun), it won’t grow and reach full potential. So we are just placing all our trust in His goodness and grace to bless our efforts. And there is no better place to be.

More tomorrow. Thanks for your interest. Blessings!

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Countdown To A Concert; T minus 12 Days and Counting…



Today is Tuesday, January 7, 2014. What you see above is a piece we are putting into a couple of Christian bookstores here in Central Florida where their customers can win some tickets to the Phil Keaggy – Randy Stonehill Concert on January 18th.This will be placed up next to the cash registers so  people can see it when they check out. All they have to do is share a Facebook post to be entered. It is as simple as that. Hopefully clerks will remember to mention it as people make their purchases. Just one more thing that helps get the word out. Hopefully, it starts getting people excited and telling their friends.

Today we spent some time on the phone with Phil Keaggy’s Road Manager going over some final details. He is very friendly, professional and detail oriented. I am looking forward to meeting him.  We went over what has been done to promote the event.

1) Handing out 8,500 flyers at the Reinhard Bohnnke Orlando Crusade September 27 – 28th.

2) About 120 Radio spots

3) A full page ad in a local Christian publication that supposedly reaches 40,000 people and 200,000 online

4) Almost 200 Facebook posts and boosted posts that have reach another 18,000 folks

5) 5 email blasts to about 1200 area Churches

6) 35 Days of Daily email ads by the local radio station

7) Nearly 700 Radio spots on SnTRadio.com

That may seem like overkill to you but in today’s message saturated marketplace this may only be the minimum to motivate a person to act, or in this case, buy a ticket or two.

But I am saving the best for last… a targeted email blast to a list of known Orlando concert goers who have indicated on  a survey that they like Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehiil, Matthew Ward and Christian Concerts. Its the last push for the last weekend before the concert. Only time will tell if this was enough to get enough people to the concert but we have a sense of peace and and the script ” Having done all things to stand.”. So we are standing knowing that we’ve done our best.

Tomorrow there will be more, I promise because there’s still a lot of work to be done… so stay tuned. Blessings my friends. Blessings!


COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 13 Days and counting…


Today is Monday, January 6 and its been a great weekend full of nice surprises. First of all, Randy Stonehill gave a shout out to sntradio.com which sent a flurry of curious Christian Music lovers to check out the website. Plus,he mentioned the January 18th Orlando concert in the shout out. This was very much appreciated.

It is standard practice for a band or artist to contact their followers and fan base to in a market when a concert is coming to town, usually once when the date is announced, then again when tickets go on sale. The again as much as necessary to motivate their fans to buy tickets so that the event either sells out or close to it. That doesn’t usually happen in with Christian concerts. Why? I don’t have the answer. But I am thankful that Randy and his wife Leslie did what they did to draw attention to the concert on January 18th in Orlando.

So much activity is going on behind the scenes as we are in the process of creating a workable infrastructure to ensure success of this and future concerts. It involves coordination with bookstores and churches to connect with their social networks Then assistance from the artists in reaching their fan bases and helping to build them is an important aspect as I’ve explained above. No one person can truly claim responsibility for making all this happen at the grassroots level. I just give the Glory to God as His hand of favor moves on our behalf.

So on it goes…. ticket sales are beginning to trickle. Next I hope to see that trickle become a steady stream. And then that stream become a small river until we sell out.

Stay tuned. There is much more tomorrow. I have to be brief because I am part of a Worship team tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for a series of special meetings at a good friend’s church and I have simply run out of time for today. Blessings!!!.

COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 16 days and counting.



Today is Friday, January 3, 2014. I am not sure if I’ve been specific about the big cause tied to all our concerts, that being raising awareness and encouraging child sponsorship for Compassion International. Their work to bring new hope to many orphaned children in third world countries.Both Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy have been involved with this ministry for many years. These concerts are just one more way to gather a captive audience and let them know about the “least of these.” No arm twisting or guilt tripping is allowed. my hope is that people will begin to see beyond themselves and respond in love.

Why bring that up now? Well, I was asked by Compassion today about the status of the concert and if we needed sponsorship[ packets sent. That prompted a call to Phil Keaggy’s road manager to inquire if he was bringing them. The short answer is SnTRadio.com will provide a sign up table and Compassion will provide packets and volunteers. Either Randy or Phil will make an appeal to the audience from the stage. In the end, we hope several children receive sponsors. That’s is why we give Compassion International sponsor credit… so they have the opportunity to have a table at the event. They do not pay anything for that status as it is given to them as part of our “good works” outreach. We are excited that generous hearts will respond to the need of these precious children.

So even if you can’t make the Phil Keaggy – Randy Stonehill concert in Orlando on Saturday, January 18th, please go to http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/default.htm?referer=127385 and consider the opportunity to show Compassion for yourself and your family. You can make a difference in a child’s life.

Today we also saw the response to a post Randy Stonehill made on Facebook promoting the concert.  There were over 100 Likes and a few nice comments mostly from folks outside Florida who wish they could make it. I was very grateful for Randy making that post. Its good to see an artist support the promoter’s efforts. I have spent a lot of advertising dollars to raise awareness for these concerts because it usually takes a minimum of 6 exposures to a message before a person will decide on an action.In this crowded and over saturated media blitzed world we live, it takes many more because people forget what they have seen and heard in 24 hours. So it takes a lot of repetition to make any kind of an impression in a person’s mind. Even in social media like Facebook and Twitter, it takes a lot of tweets and posts to motivate a person to take action. (so Randy and Phil’s social media people need to do a few more posts and tweets each to help get the word out.). It’s OK, I sent both of them “Please Help Us” messages to do just that. 

The life lesson for all you social media users is that you need to be creative in the way you send out those six or so messages to make an impact on your target audience. Just don’t repeat like a parrot, say it differently each time if you possibly can. And above all, be engaging and say it with love. More tomorrow. Have a great first weekend on 2014!    James Burkhardt

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