Worship Set Christian Music Playlist Keys from SnTRadio.com

Every two hours Monday through Saturday,  SnTRadio.com plays a 25 – 30-minute mini-worship set. (Sundays are 24 solid hours of commercial free Worship and Praise songs.)

Sometimes, this pre-recorded praise and worship set is identified by  a “wpa” suffix like  SnT008wpa. Other times, these are made by sequencing several mp3 or AAC files to create a listener worship experience from our massive 50-year archive of online Christian Music. Either way, this intentional Worship and Praise programming is a hallmark, which differentiates SnTRadio.com from all other stations that play some flavor of Christian Music.

There is a wide variety of artists and genres. Nowhere else can you hear classic Keith Green, Tommy Coomes, Kelly Willard (Maranatha), Lamb or Andrae Crouch combined with Michael W. Smith, Christofari, Karen Davis, Israel Houghton, Chris Tomlin, Misty Edwards (IHOP), Casey Corum (Vineyard), Leonard Jones , Don Potter (Morningstar), Hillsong,  Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle (Bethel Music), Kim Clement, Martha Munizzi, Ray Hughes,  James Nesbit & Tribe Quantum, Rick Pino, Paul Wilbur, Rita Springer and House of Peace. SnTRadio.com has culled the vertically oriented songs to the Lord written by many popular artists since the Jesus Movement and included them as part of the widely inclusive worship music category.

Best of Andrae' album cover featuring Andrae Crouch sitting and singing at a grand piano.Songs for the Shepherd album cover showing Keith Green carrying a lamb on his shoulders wrapped around his head.

Here’s the key to a  few dedicated Worship & Praise stes:


I Am The Way by Mark Schultz                          2000

Praise Ye The Lord  by Petra                               1982

How Majestic Is Your Name by Keith Green    1982

Indescribable by Chris Tomlin                            2004

Majesty by Delirious                                           2003

Awesome God by Rich Mullins                         1988


Praise The Lord by The Imperials                      1979

Create In Me A Clean Heart by Keith Green   1984

Revelation Song by Kari Jobe                          2009

To Him Who Sits On The Throne by Charlie LeBlanc   1984

Holy God by Brian Doerksen                           2006


Say So by Israel Houghton                              2006

Freedom Reigns by Fernando Alvarez          2009

El Shaddai by Amy Grant                                1982

Emmanuel by Jon Owens                               2006

Hosanna by Paul Baloche                               2006


Trumpet of Jesus by The Imperials               1981

Enlarge My Territory by Gary Beesley         2008

You Put This Love In My Heart by Keith Green  1978

Your Name by Phillips, Craig & Dean         2006

Here In Your Presence by New Life Worship    2006






SnT Radio.com Playlist for Saturday Spotlight 9/10/2011 Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith has made one of the biggest contributions to Contemporary Christian Music ever in a career that began in 1982. It was a seminal song called “Great Is The Lord“. What??? I know you were probably expecting to see “Friends” or the Billboard Top 5 crossover “Place in This World“. Ok. Take a breath. Here is my reasoning. The roots of Contemporary or what is also called Modern Worship can be traced back to this song. Like the power chords. The straight ahead worshipful encouragement. Mr. Smith may not even recognize it and I’m sure he would not claim credit for it either because he is truly a humble soul from West Virginia. Once I had the honor of standing in line with Michael W. and his lovely wife Debbie for a buffet after the 1983 Dove Awards in Nashville and chatting amicably. Then I somewhat enthusiastically encouraged him to keep writing Praise songs just like “Great Is The Lord” which coming from a Radio Station Manager and not a record executive probably was not my place. But I am just as excited by honest from the heart Heavenly directed praise & worship now as I was then. As I recall, he just kinda nodded and moved away from me as politely as possible. But both of His Worship Projects and the Christmas ones are as pure worship & praise as there is coming from anywhere including IHOP or Hillsong.

This list pays particular attention to two of his most fruitful albums, Go West Young Man and I’ll Lead You Home. Both spawned 5 charting songs on Christian Radio and those all made the playlist. Also, back in the day do you remember listening to the radio hearing the name of your town whispered at the end of Rocketown? It came within the last 20 seconds of the song. I know we played a special one that mentioned “Chicago” on WCRM and WCFL when I was there. I think there were maybe 10 or 12 special radio edits by market hand delivered by Reunion Records. If you lived in the broadcast area and listened to one of those stations, please share the call letters and city in the comments section. That was a very special thing that Michael W. did in the studio to personalize the listening experience for his fans in those places. I cannot recall any other artist reaching out quite like that on record. I’m sure it was unnoticed at the time except for the radio jocks but I wanted to point this out and hopefully jog your memory. If you like the SnTRadioBlog, please subscribe to it at the top right corner. Here’s the Michael W. Smith playlist. Enjoy!


1. Rocketown from The Big Picture

2. Hosanna from Michael W. Smith 2

3. I Am Sure from Michael W. Smith 2

4. Friends from Michael W. Smith Project and Change Your World (both versions)

5. Thy Word from Freedom

6. Somebody Love Me from Change Your World

7. Give It Away from Change Your World

8. Great Is The Lord from Michael W. Smith Project and Devotions (both versions)

9. The Throne from Devotions

10. Agnus Dei from Go West Young Man and Devotions (both versions)

11. For You from Go West Young Man

12. Go West Young Man from Go West Young Man

13. Seed To Sow from Go West Young Man

14. Love Crusade from Go West Young Man

15. Place In This World from Go West Young Man

16. How Long Will Be too Long from Go West Young Man

17. I’ll Lead You Home from I’ll Lead You Home

18. Breakdown from I’ll Lead You Home

19. A Little Stronger Ever from I’ll Lead You Home

20. I’ll Be Around from I’ll Lead You Home

21. Cry For Love from I’ll Lead You Home

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, September 10, 2011.

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James Burkhardt
SnT Radio.com