Countdown To A Concert; T minus 11 Days and Counting…



Today is Wednesday, January 8, 2014. What a whirlwind day its been. Covered a lot of ground with three different promotions rolling out tomorrow involving area Churches, Christian Bookstores and an eBlast announcing the April 12 Matthew Ward Concert with Bob and Jayne Farrell. Then we solidified the final sound and facility arrangements. Plus set up more social networking components with special help from Josh Parisoe of Social 4 Christ..Also special thanks to Dan and Martha Munizzii at Epic Worship. Whew!

The last ten days before a concert are crucial and most critical areas are coming into proper alignment. Everyday it is getting easier to sleep at night and I am waking up excited to see what our loving Heavenly Father is going to do today. He has been absolutely amazing the past 36 hours. His hand of favor is all over this event and I trust He is working unseen behind the scenes to cause the maximum benefit. All the Glory goes to Him. There is a point when you stand firm that He shows up and makes a way where there seems to be no way.

So we should peak and reach critical mass sometime late next week where it all comes together. I know Randy and Phil are looking forward for the opportunity to play a set together. I am not sure of the last time Phil Keaggy was in Central Florida but its been many years. My friends in Nashville tell me that he’s never sounded better. So here’s a great opportunity to hear one of the best guitarists in the world in a venue with absolutely no bad seats. Randy is in top form and simultaneous as funny and serious as a person can be. Its like his mind works equally from both the right and the left side. Given all the jet lag and bad coffee he’s had, that is quite cool. Plus, he’s really into reading and quoting Oswald Chambers… which is all good stuff.

Yes, I am thrilled today by how its coming together but we still have the large task of motivating 550 or 600 people to attend. I can honestly say that we are close to doing all that can be done. We’ve broken the fallow ground. Plowed and planted the seeds. We have watered and weeded as best that we can. But unless God sends His light by His son, Holy Spirit (and sun), it won’t grow and reach full potential. So we are just placing all our trust in His goodness and grace to bless our efforts. And there is no better place to be.

More tomorrow. Thanks for your interest. Blessings!

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Countdown To A Concert; T minus 12 Days and Counting…



Today is Tuesday, January 7, 2014. What you see above is a piece we are putting into a couple of Christian bookstores here in Central Florida where their customers can win some tickets to the Phil Keaggy – Randy Stonehill Concert on January 18th.This will be placed up next to the cash registers so  people can see it when they check out. All they have to do is share a Facebook post to be entered. It is as simple as that. Hopefully clerks will remember to mention it as people make their purchases. Just one more thing that helps get the word out. Hopefully, it starts getting people excited and telling their friends.

Today we spent some time on the phone with Phil Keaggy’s Road Manager going over some final details. He is very friendly, professional and detail oriented. I am looking forward to meeting him.  We went over what has been done to promote the event.

1) Handing out 8,500 flyers at the Reinhard Bohnnke Orlando Crusade September 27 – 28th.

2) About 120 Radio spots

3) A full page ad in a local Christian publication that supposedly reaches 40,000 people and 200,000 online

4) Almost 200 Facebook posts and boosted posts that have reach another 18,000 folks

5) 5 email blasts to about 1200 area Churches

6) 35 Days of Daily email ads by the local radio station

7) Nearly 700 Radio spots on

That may seem like overkill to you but in today’s message saturated marketplace this may only be the minimum to motivate a person to act, or in this case, buy a ticket or two.

But I am saving the best for last… a targeted email blast to a list of known Orlando concert goers who have indicated on  a survey that they like Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehiil, Matthew Ward and Christian Concerts. Its the last push for the last weekend before the concert. Only time will tell if this was enough to get enough people to the concert but we have a sense of peace and and the script ” Having done all things to stand.”. So we are standing knowing that we’ve done our best.

Tomorrow there will be more, I promise because there’s still a lot of work to be done… so stay tuned. Blessings my friends. Blessings!


COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 24 Days and counting



Today is Thursday, December 26, 2013 and time is ticking. Fortunately, the ticket selling website is working perfectly. More tickets have sold today as of this writing and that is a good indication that we shall be successful. Tomorrow I will poll the area Christian bookstores and see how tickets are selling there.For variety’s sake I’ve included the new poster which shows the Matthew Ward Concert scheduled for April 2014. Bulletin size inserts of these will be made available to churches participating in the 10 FREE TICKET giveaway on FaceBook.

Its reaally interesting to see how people are reacting to the preferred seating tickets having been sold out. Before Christmas, we had several phone calls and emails from potential customers from out of state wanting to purchase these prized seats for family as presents and we did our best to make sure these were received by Christmas. So far, so good no complaints. Thankfully, I did not send any out via UPS or FED Ex as both of these package handlers had way more packages to deliver than anticipated. Thousands of people are upset that items were not received in time for that special WOW! moment on Christmas morning. I am thankful we avoided that kind of circumstance. Being a big lover of the “Christmas surprise”, I know I would be upset too if tickets that I purchased as the special gift for a friend or relative didn’t arrive and robbed us both of a good memory.

So the concert is nearly 3 1/2 weeks away and there is lots to be done but most will have to wait until the Holidays pass. Why? Many offices are short staffed and/or closed until; next year which is exactly one week from today. This will make the last 16 – 17 days a mad dash to the finish line. The police need to be notified of a potential traffic bottleneck and steps taken to have enough parking area personnel familiar with the traffic patterns for entrance and exit. Then certain accommodations for the at-the-door ticket sales and advance ticket holders should be finalized. The venue has two entry points so we are designating one for at-the-door sales and the other for in-advance ticket holders. Then there’s a final negotiation with the sound man and his crew.

So the list goes on. I am using the holiday time to make as complete of a list as I possibly can. At this point it is nearly a page and a half long with one item per line. Phil Keaggy has a rather long and detailed rider which must be adhered to… something that we want to do with excellence because we’d like to have him back at another time. All in all, this event is shaping up to be a rather special evening for Christian Music lovers in Central Florida. A set by Randy Stonehill followed by a rare duet performance of Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill doing songs from their MYSTERY HIGHWAY CD. If you were not aware of that CD don’t worry, it is very under-exposed but that is part of the reason we are doing this event. To draw attention to one of the best recordings of these two since they collaborated on Sunday’s Child back in the late 1980’s. Then a solo set by Phil Keaggy that is certain to mesmerize everyone.

More tomorrow… thanks for sharing some time with us. I appreciate you so very much and ask you to pray for this event to be used of God to reach the lost and reconnect others with their first love.


It’s been two months since we first introduced Robert Keith, a stage 4 cancer patient to you. We asked you to pray for Robert and his family  as we listened to his favorite songs (aka the Robert List) on Saturday, September 3rd of this year. Many of you did and I’ve been asked, “What happened?”.  As usual, our Heavenly Father is up to something good.  God has given to Robert and his family something that only God can give; the gift of time and extended life. Robert is about to celebrate his birthday on Monday, November 7th. He has asked his wife Harriet to renew their wedding vows which will happen very soon. The bond with his son Gabe has become stronger as never before. Their housing issues have been worked out favorably for another month. For his birthday, he will be wheeled outdoors for the first time since an ambulance ride in July  to experience the warmth of the sun and feel the breeze blow again. I’d say he is truly being blessed. What say you?

But the love story continues. The cup of love God has poured for the Keith family is overflowing into the lives of those around them, especially to people who don’t know much about God and His ways. Many see the love God’s people have shown the Keith’s firsthand by their prayers and support of family, friends and in some cases, complete and total strangers. They see faith lived out in real time under real pressures and circumstances. So God is gently and softly speaking to several who don’t know him, and in the process affirming Robert’s life. I can hear His voice in Heaven saying,”This is my adopted son Robert, in whom I am well pleased. Look at how much I care for him as I do all my children. Won’t you accept my invitation to join our family?” Now that is a real love story.

But it still doesn’t end. Others have stepped up to make a real difference. Like this cause on facebook that has the goal to raise $8,000 for the Keith family by November 21st. This is a wonderful way for you to give Robert a gift for his Birthday. Show your love!

The family and friends of the Keith family are uniting to raise money to help with their expenses~ Please help if you can!!

Harriet and Robert attended a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert for their first date back in 1988. So on Saturday, November 5th, SnT is going to spotlight the 1988 Far Away Places album for which the group was out touring when Harriet and Robert had their first date.


1. Humble Yourself

2. No Masquerade

3. Sing Over Me

4. You Are All In All

5. A Tender Heart

6. I Reach Out

7. Fallin’ In On You

8. Maybe Some Other Day

9. Take It To All The World

10. Far Away Places


Bass – Leon Gaer, Lee Jones
Drums – Mike Baird, Jack Kelly, Michael Celenza
Guitar – Marty Walsh, Michael Thompson, Dan Huff
Keyboards – Smitty Price, John Andrew Schreiner
Recorded at Easter Song Studios – Garden Valley Texas, Rosewood Studios – Tyler, Texas
Engineers – Greg Hunt, Buck Herring
Cover Concept – Buddy Owens and Bradley Grose
Photography – Mark Engbrecht
Set Direction and Design – Buddy Owens
Art Direction and Design – Bradley Grose
Produced by – Buck Herring
Special Thanks – Smitty Price for helping with the mix, our Families, our Friends and our Garden Velley Ministry Associates for their much needed prayers and support.

SnT will play one song per hour beginning at 12am  on Saturday November 5, 2011. To listen visit





2nd Chapter of Acts Spotlight Songlist for August 13, 2011

The 2nd Chapter of Acts Playlist for Saturday August 13, 2011

1. Hey Whatcha Say from How The West Was Won

2. Morning Comes When You Call from How The West Was Won

3. Jesus Is Single

4. Til The Walls Come Down from Live with The Omartians

5. Mansion Builder from Live with The Omartians

6. Humble Yourself from Faraway Places

7. Lookin’ At God’s Son Single

8. Prince Song from To The Bride

9. Night Light from Night Light

10. I Fall In Love/Change from With Footnotes

11. Which Way the Wind Blows from With Footnotes

12. Denomination Blues from To The Bride

13. I’m So Happy Single

14. Bread of Life from Rejoice

15. The Devil’s Lost Again from With Footnotes

16. Make My Life A Prayer To You from Mansion Builder

17. Mountain Tops from Mansion Builder

18. Takin’ The Easy Way from Twenty 1972 – 1992

19. Easter Song from With Footnotes

20. Psalm 63 from In the Volume of the Book

21. Rejoice from Rejoice

22. Heaven Came to Earth from Rejoice

23. Love, Peace, Joy from To The Bride

24. Yahweh from In the Volume of the Book

SnT begins playing one of these songs every hour beginning at 12am Eastern Standard Time on August 13, 2011

To listen log on:

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