Outlaw Gone Good and Rick Cua Playlist for SnT Radio.com Spotlight – Saturday, October 1, 2011

Outlaw gone good? Ever hear the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky”? It was featured in film Blues Brothers 2000. It’s been around for a long while in the Country genre with roots in what used to be know as Western as in Country & Western.
It was recorded again in 1975 on the debut album by a group of “southern rockers” from Tampa, FL called The Outlaws. The song gained Rock radio airplay and The Outlaws career was launched. Two years after he became a Christian in 1977, Syracuse NY based musician Rick Cua joined the Outlaws. He sang and played bass on two albums before they disbanded in 1982. At some point before the Outlaws break up, Rick was introduced to the Christian Music scene by former Paul McCartney & Wings drummer, Joe English. Rick’s debut Koo-Ah (the pronunciation of his last name) on Refuge Records featured many general market guest musicians from bands like Wet Willie, The Outlaws plus independents like Joe English and Robbie Dupree, who charted a top 10 hit of his own in 1980. In fact, Dupree and Marty McCall (of Fireworks and later First Call) did background vocals on Cua’s single “Fly Me To Heaven” which was released to the general market. All this was very cool stuff for 1981 – 1982. The radio spot that Refuge Records produced to introduce Rick Cua used the theme “Outlaw gone good”, complete with pistol shoots and ricochet sound effects straight out of a good Western TV show or movie.

I first met Rick Cua around a single day outdoor festival event in suburban Chicago that a few hundred people attended called the Harvest Rockfest. In the lineup was Prodigal, Fireworks, Rick Cua (who had guitarist Dave Perkins in the backing band with him that day – and turned many heads with his awesome slide guitar work), Denny Correll and DeGarmo & Key playing from 1pm until about 11pm when the authorities told us to stop. There is a lot more to share about how the Lord used that humble event to His glory but that is for another blog. For someone who hung around the southern rock and stadium scene with the likes of The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynryd, Rick Cua was remarkably well grounded and down-to-earth. I might offer my two cent opinion that his bass playing style and sound is distinctive. Certainly not your garden variety rock bass playing (think KISS). He’s the only bass player I’ve ever seen headline solo without a band in concert and pull it off with just backing tracks. That is really quite a feat of showmanship and performance.

Over the years, Rick turned down offers to play in other touring bands like Spyro Gyra in 1983 and a re-formed Outlaws lineup in 1986 since he became known for his Christian Music. His wife and daughters have helped — I know he credits his wife Diana for some of the beautiful love songs he writes and a song each is dedicated to his two daughters on Within Reach. Listen for “Diamond Girl” and “Fifteen” this Saturday. Included are some unique cuts from Like A Cool Drink, his project with the Ah-Koo-Stiks and a clever word play on his name even if he hasn’t become a household one. But after nearly 30 years of music ministry on the run (so to speak), Rick Cua has lived up to the moniker, “Outlaw gone good.”

Rick Cua

1. Fly Me to Heaven from Koo-Ah

2. You Can Still Rock ‘n’Roll from Koo-Ah

3. He Lives In Me from No Mystery

4. One Way Out from No Mystery

5. Changed from No Mystery

6. Help Me Out from No Mystery

7. Don’t Say Suicide from You’re My Road

8. Wear Your Colors from Wear Your Colors

9. Forever Yours from Can’t Stand Too Tall

10. We Are All The Same from Can’t Stand Too Tall

11. For The Love of God from Can’t Stand Too Tall

12. I’ll Be Satisfied from Midnight Sun

13. Young Boy, Young Girl from Midnight Sun

14. Heaven Won’t Stop The Rain from Within Reach

15. Message of Love from Within Reach

16. Fifteen from Within Reach

17. Diamond Girl from Within Reach

18. Dedicated from Midnight Sun

19, What If from The Way Love Is

20. Itala Americano from Times Ten

21. Bull By The Horns from Times Ten

22. Jesus Changes Everything from Like A Cool Drink

23. Gotta Have Heart from Like A Cool Drink

24. Bad Things Good People from Like A Cool Drink

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Flooded out and the SnT Radio Farrell & Farrell Playlist for Saturday, September 24, 2011.

Flooded out. That’s what happened to Bob & Jayne Farrell in the Nashville flood May 1 and 2, 2010 which devastated parts of Davidson county Tennessee which includes Nashville. They lost nearly everything they had. A group of musician friends whom you might recognize put on a benefit concert and helped them raise money to cover their losses. We even ran some direct appeals for gifts on SnT Radio.com.   Here’s a press release taken from the Kawai website.

Nashville, TN • September, 2010– Many people from all walks of life were adversely affected by the historic springtime flood this year in Nashville, TN. Legendary Christian music songwriters and Kawai artists Bob and Jayne Farrell were among those hardest hit. Over five feet of flood waters inundated their home and studio, wiping out virtually everything in its path.Among the items lost was the Farrell’s prized white Kawai grand piano which they had owned since the 1970’s. Many of the Farrell’s award-winning songs were penned on that very instrument and its loss was particularly heart-breaking to the duo. Amy Grant
On July 28th, a team of prominent musicians, including Amy Grant, came together in a benefit concert for the Farrells. Kawai Artist and inspirational speaker, Kim Deardorff, offered words of support on behalf of Kawai America and its local dealer, Shuffs Music. In cooperation with benefit concert committee, Kawai and Shuffs announced plans help the Farrells to acquire a new instrument once they return to their home and studio.“The benefit concert was a tremendous success”, stated prominent Nashville songwriter and committee member Deby Dearman. “We are very proud of how our community of musicians, singers and songwriters has reached out to assist and support the Farrells in their time of great need. We are also very appreciative of the efforts of Kawai and Shuffs Music in helping the Farrells ultimately replace their prized Kawai grand piano.” Persons interested in making donations or providing other assistance are urged to visit the official “Save Farrell and Farrell” page on Facebook.Click here to view a video of the destruction and recovery process.
About Farrell and Farrell…
The husband and wife duo of Farrell and Farrell recorded albums from 1977 to 1991, and was a pioneering force in the emerging Contemporary Christian music genre. Their music ministry took them all over the world, including several trips behind the Iron Curtain. After retiring from touring, Bob Farrell turned to songwriting full time and has penned music for many prominent Christian and Pop music artists including Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and Sandi Patty. For more information, visit www.farrellandfarrell.com.
Bob & Jayne Farrell

Many will testify that Bob & Jayne Farrell are two of the nicest and down-to-earth music industry people alive. Let me give you just one example. Back in the mid-80’s the FM radio station I managed WCRM 103.9 was contemplating a increase of power and tower height application to the FCC. It was a bit of a long shot but we wanted to try. The goal was to reach into the downtown and northside Chicago city limits from a far Northwestern suburb of Dundee, IL with a stronger broadcast signal. This was an expensive gamble at best so we were very careful about jumping in and risking funds that might be otherwise directed to help orphans with food and shelter as well as hospital missions in India where AMG International (the parent organization) had works. As a general rule, all the stations profits were earmarked into such mission works. Of all the artists and bands WCRM played, promoted and helped sell records for, ONLY Bob and Jayne Farrell offered to help WCRM in their efforts by volunteering to play in a benefit concert if we chose to have one or help us in any way they could. An event like that was being considered because a lot of people wanted to hear the station that couldn’t due to signal problems. Many let us know they would come to a concert where the net receipts might help improve their ability to hear WCRM’s music programming. The Farrell’s generous gesture made quite a lasting impression on me.

Like the other power couples: Sanctus Real, Michael & Stormie Omartian, and Seawind’s Bob & Pauline Wilson; Jayne’s voice brings life to Bob’s songs in a very ear pleasing fashion. From power pop to techno punk to angelic Praise, Jayne Farrell delivers. As a songwriter, Bob is simply one of the very best. Both his sensitive lyrics and his melodies are usually extremely well crafted. Those songwriting skills have aged over the years like a fine vintage wine. Songs like He Reigns and Heart for the Homeless are two prime examples of musical elegance and masterful excellence. Plus, Bob knows how to create a catchy pop phrase that just won’t leave your mind without a sheriff’s escort at a forced eviction. I once wrote in a record review for Christian Retailer and Christian Life (now Charisma) Magazine the “the opening riff to Let The Whole World Know is one of the most catchy hooks ever recorded in Contemporary Christian Music.” I still stand by that statement today some 27 years later. It is just plain infectious. Listen for it on Saturday and enjoy!


1. People in a Box from Jump To Conclusions

2. Get Right or Get Left from Choices

3. Hosanna Gloria from Choices

4. Manifesto from Manifesto

5. People All Over The World from Manifesto

6. Heart of the Homeless from Superpower

7. Eternity In Their Hearts from Superpower

8. It’s Gonna Take Love from Superpower

9. Make Me Ready from Make Me Ready

10. To Know That I’m Loved By You from Make Me Ready

11. American Man from Jump To Conclusions

12. The Meek & the Mighty from Jump To Conclusions

13. Boundless Love (live) from Let The Whole World Know

14. Jailhouse Rock (live) from Let The Whole World Know

15. Let The Whole World Know (live) from Let The Whole World Know

16. Fallen from A Portrait of Us All

17. All You Need from A Portrait of Us All

18. Earthmaker from Farrell & Farrell

19. Livesaver from Farrell & Farrell

20. Homesick Soldier from Farrell & Farrell

21. Adoption from Farrell & Farrell

22. He Reigns from Choices

23. Old Friends from Make Me Ready

24. All You Need (live) from Let The Whole World Know

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, September 24, 2011.

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The Robert List as streamed live Saturday September 3, 2011Noon to 1:20pm EST on SnT Radio.com

Here is the actual running order of songlist chosen by Robert Keith, who is in a hospice with stage 4 cancer. I know he enjoyed it and as of this post hundreds from all over the globe have read the Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert blog post because of the internet. Thank you for sharing, praying, and continuing to pray for Robert and his family. I received word Sunday afternoon from Robert’s wife that she and her son were both laid off from their jobs this Labor Day weekend, so their burden has increased significantly. Many thanks in advance for your response to this “call to prayer”!!!!


1. Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? by Larry Norman

2. For the Sake of the Call by Steven Curtis Chapman

3. Strong Tower by Kutlass

4. More Power To Ya by Petra

5. Love Broke Thru by Phil Keaggy

6. Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis

7. Beyond Belief by Petra

8. Love Takes Time by Bryan Duncan

9. Ancient of Days by Bob Ayala

10. Shout to the Lord by Darlene Zschech

11. He Reigns by Newsboys

12. He’s Alive by Don Francisco

13. There Is A River by The Gaithers

14. Easter Song by 2nd Chapter of Acts

15. Shine by Newsboys

16. Grave Robber by Petra

17. Destined To Win by DeGarmo & Key

18.Awesome God by Rich Mullins

19. Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crown

James Burkhardt
SnT Radio.com

Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert.

One of the characteristics I like most about music is that it has the wonderful quality to bring people together. Maybe its the melody or the lyrics but human relationships do become possible through musical connections. Plus, there’s the spiritual aspect of music where listening becomes a transforming experience drawing one closer to the Creator and maker of our hearts.

This Saturday, September 3rd at Noon something special will occur… music streamed over the internet will bring a fellow human being confronting his mortality in a hospice care some joy because he’s picked all his favorite songs. And he’s a complete stranger to me as we’ve never physically met but we know each other through the music.

Do I have your attention now?

I have been given a list of Robert Keith’s favorite Contemporary Christian and Gospel songs. And I will play as many as I can just for him beginning at Noon EST this Saturday on SnT Radio.com. http://www.sntradio.com.

You would too if you could… if for no other reason than to show love, compassion, and mercy to one in need. My reason is this is a prime opportunity for a call to prayer. The most effective prayer is a completely unselfish prayer. It is called” intercession”. Intercession is also fairly easy to do… pray for someone other than yourself. Pray for something outside what you want or need. In essence that is what an intercessor does. Won’t you try it this Saturday and pray?

Pray for Robert Keith and his family at this time. They need your prayers. This kind of transition is inevitable for all of us. We all will be in that place where he finds himself one day. So as you pray for Robert, remember to pray your loved ones, too.

You see, behind the scenes at SnT Radio is a special group of people I affectionately call the SnT Prayer Force. Robert’s wife is one of those very special persons who has agreed to pray for me and SnT Radio. No questions asked. Just devotion to prayer when requested. So here’s my chance to return the favor in kind.

I have long held the belief that “nothing happens until somebody prays“. Prayer does change things. If we all pray for Robert Keith between Noon and 2pm on Saturday, September 3, 2011 I know something special will happen as we listen to his favorite music. We will experience unity. Unity of spirit. Unity of mind. Unity of purpose. The world will know we are Christians by our love. Here’s a practical way to demonstrate that.

That’s right, we will “get together”. Pretty cool, huh? From our lips to God’s ear in Heaven’s throne room.

So let’s not keep this to ourselves… please share this blog with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. For Robert’s sake, I hope this goes viral.

Please leave a thought for Robert and the family in the comments area below. I’ll make sure they receive them.

So Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert. God bless you brother. I am fervently praying for you.

James Burkhardt
SnT Radio.com

SnT Radio.com The Best of the Jesus Music Era 1969 – 1979 Songlist for Saturday, September 3, 2011

The danger with a list like this is that it proves time is marching on. In under 12 months will be the 40th anniversary of what Life Magazine heralded as the “Christian Woodstock – Explo ’72”. My brother attended that event. I had just graduated from High School, and was about to begin my freshman year of College. So many of the songs selected are going to be memory joggers for many of us who qualify for membership in AARP. Or maybe just call us Jesus Geezers.

The albums shown above were some of the most significant of that very special and Holy Spirit-filled ten year season. Of course Jesus Sound Explosion Explo ’72 had to make the list. Eighty thousand persons were there. Almost a significant is the Hosanna USA Live event. Broadcast live via satellite and simulcast on FM stations (this was before stereo TV audio) as was common with other secular televised concert shows like ABC’s IN Concert series. A very ambitious undertaking by Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel/ Marantha Music folks – I had a connection because I was Advertising Manager for Tyndale Bookshops, who sponsored the FM simulcast in the Chicago Market on a non-Christian mega-watt FM station that hit 3 states around that city.

Then there are the Jubilation series “sampler” albums from Myrrh Records. Four sides for $16.98 list price. Ouch! These were some of the first widely distributed albums of Jesus Music made available. For many who didn’t have a progressive Christian radio station like KYMS-FM in Costa Mesa, CA or KCFO-FM in Tulsa, OK , the only way to hear Jesus Music through syndicated shows like Scott Ross, PowerLine or Full Circle with Jerry Bryant and sharing albums like these among friends. Many of the early artists custom LP’s were distributeq by the Sonrise Mercantile Company and available by mail order only like Larry Norman, Children of the Day, Danny Lee & Children of Truth and much of the early Marantha Music LP’s. The big exception was Good News Records, Love Song’s label had distribution through some major national record departments in chain stores like Sears and E.J. Korvettes. I can remember buying the first Love Song album there in Elmhurst IL much to my delight.

As is our policy to feature “songs you just don’t hear on the radio anymore” I’ve selected many significant songs and artists from the above albums that first introduced Jesus Music – plus some very rare live cuts from the 1972 to 1974 vintage that really carry the feeling of the times. Just like Walter Conkrite’s educational series “YOU ARE THERE”, these selections will put you smack dab in the middle of the Jesus Movement. For you newbies who missed it — enjoy. The rest of us can close our eyes because like the man says… “and more sweet memories on SnT Radio”.

1. Tomorrow’s News by Malcom and Alwyn

2. Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast by Honeytree

3. Johnny by Randy Matthews

4. Think About What Jesus Said by Love Song

5. Jesus People by Barry McGuire

6. Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation by Larry Norman

7. I See Men As Trees Walkin’ by Johnny Cash

8. The Prince Song by the 2nd Chapter of Acts

9. Where Can I Go by Petra

10. Friends by Ernie and Debbie Rettino

11. Sweet Jesus Morning by Mustard Seed Faith

12. He’s The Reason To Go On by The Way

13. Sweet Music by the Pat Terry Group

14. Ain’t You Glad by Michael Omartian

15. Reaching For The Sky by Liberation Suite

16. Jesus Is Just Alright by e Band

17. Light of the World by Parchment

18. Life’s Greatest Possession by Lily Green

19. Living Water by Denny Correll

20. Jesus Came Into My Life by Benny Hester

21. Song for Salvation by Paul Clark

22. Temple To The Sky by Leon Patillo

23. To The Ancient Of Days by Bob Ayala

24. Shotgun Angel by Daniel Amos

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, September 3, 2011.

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Petra (Part Two) Songlist for Saturday August 27, 2011 plus Album Art


SnT Radio.com Petra (Part Two) SONGLIST

1. Creed from Beyond Belief

2. I Am On The Rock from Beyond Belief

3. Love from Beyond Belief

4. Prayer from Beyond Belief

5. Underground from Beyond Belief

6. Shakin’ the House from Back To The Street

7. Thankful Heart from Back To The Street

8. Whole World from Back To The Street

9. King’s Ransom from Back To The Street

10. Back To The Street from Back To The Street

11. Get On Your Knees and Fight Like A Man from This Means War

12. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered from This Means War

13. Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened from This Means War

14. I Am Available from This Means War

15. Enter In from No Doubt

16. Right Place from No Doubt

17. Sincerely Yours from No Doubt

18. No Doubt from No Doubt

19. We Exalt Thee from The Rock Cries Out

20. Salvation Belongs To Our God from The Rock Cries Out

21.We Hold Our Hearts Out To You from No Doubt

22. Seen and Not Heard from Beyond Belief

23. Let Everything That Hath Breath from Back To The Rock

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, August 27, 2011.

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Petra (Part One) Songlist for Saturday August 20, 2011

As I scoured the vast SnT Archive for the best Petra songs, I made an executive decision. They have so many that Petra is the first band to warrant a two part, back-to-back weekend spotlight on SnT Radio.com.
Petra has a number of other more significant firsts. Like the first Christian Band to be enshrined in Hard Rock Cafe. Another from the year 2000 is being the first Christian Rock Band inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

The Part 1 dividing line is 1986, the end of the Greg Volz front man era. Next week we will pick up with John Schlitt and the Back To The Street album. Any comparisons to the Van Halen
saga are purely coincidental. But I digress. The very first time I saw Petra was in the summer of 1973 or ’74 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, Wheaton IL and they were supposed to open for Mason Proffit.

Ok, I was there to see Mason Profitt but as a Christian, I was pleasantly surprised to have Terry Talbot step forward before the proceedings to announce the promoter had grossly misrepresented the event on
the radio and that he was there strictly as a soloist sans Mason Profitt. He’d become a Christian and that anyone who didn’t want to hear songs that night about Jesus could get a full refund at the box office.
About two dozen folks got up and left complaining loudly. Then he introduced Petra. The song I remember most from that night was “Backslidin’ Blues.” It was a 15 minute jam that really cooked.

Later on in my life I had the opportunity to interview Bob Hartman a couple of times for Creation House publications Christian Life (now Charisma) and Christian Retailing Magazine. When I find them, I’ll post them here.
Then in partnership with Harvest Productions, WCRM 103.9 FM, the Christian Music station I managed, helped to sell out many Petra concerts at the Odeum in Villa Park IL during the 1981 – 1986 Greg Volz era.

It was an exciting time and we saw the impact their music had on a generation of young believers living in the Chicago area. But it was the message in the music that was so incredibly fruitful. Lives were changed.
Many were saved and/or rededicated their lives to Christ at those Petra concerts. Such ministry was a top priority and it came across loud and clear. The Marshall amps helped too. LOL!

To listen just log on: http://www.sntradio.com

Here is the Petra Part 1 playlist, and a day early at that.

1. Chameleon from Never Say Die

2. God Gave Rock & Roll to You from Come and Join Us

3. Hollow Eyes from Captured in Time and Space

4. Grave Robber from Not of This World

5. Bema Seat from Not of This World

6. GodPleaser from Not of This World

7. Beat the System from Captured in Time and Space

8. Stand Up from More Power To Ya

9. More Power To Ya from More Power To Ya

10. Second Wind from More Power To Ya

11. Disciple from More Power To Ya

12. Angel of Light from Never Say Die

13. Witch Hunt from Beat the System

14. Voice In The Wind from Beat the System.

15. Backslidin’ Blues from Petra

16. Woman You Don’t Know from Come and Join Us

17. Without You Surely I Would Die from Come and Join Us

18. Why Should the Father Bother from Washes Whiter Than

19. For Annie from Never Say Die

20. Praise Ye The Lord from Never Say Die

21. Judas Kiss from More Power To Ya

22. Not of This World from Not of This World

23. Clean from Beat The System

24. Yahweh Love from Washes Whiter Than

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, August 20, 2011.

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