– Streaming Christian Music For 10 Years On Sunday, May 26th.

Naples, FL May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Monday 2009 is when a unique website started streaming Christian music through cyber-space. The core concept was to showcase 40 years worth of Christian Music. Listener edification and education of the many gifted artists and music that had gone before. This was accomplished by literally inventing a new format called “The Greatest Christian Music.” comprised of trending current and older “songs that you just don’t hear on the radio anymore. ” This is what is all about… presenting the old with the new.

All I can say is Glory To God for His blessing of longevity. It was the Lord who directed me to begin streaming Christian Music 24/7 long before Spotify and Tidal. He downloaded the whole thing to me in about 20 minutes as I was standing in the sanctuary during worship.

James Burkhardt, Founder

Now this labor of love is rooted in the Jesus Movement and spans half a century. Like a lot of kids in those days who rejected the hippie ideal of love to freely accept God’s eternal love, I ordered my Christian Music by mail. Jesus Music on vinyl 33 1/3 record albums was not generally available in most record stores. Nor did radio stations play seminal artists like Love Song, Larry Norman, Paul Clark, and Andrae’ Crouch & The Disciples.

Despite such challenges, this music affected the culture of the day, resulting in changed lives for an entire lifetime. Youth oriented ministries like Campus Life, Young Life and Campus Crusade For Christ were key places where live concerts happened, and a Christt-center music scene slowly emerged.

Jay Truax of Love Song was established to do the same in the new millennium, with new artists and sounds of the day, but also paying respect to those who had cleared the road for them many years ago. Excellence and Innovation are compelling us to discover new trends in Christian Music and new Artists. Our staff is constantly searching and listening to new music, new artists, and worship teams in order to stay ahead of the creative curve.

At, a HUGE variety of digitized songs (many that are out-of-print) enables us to program long 57 minute sets of uninterrupted music that flow seamlessly 24/7. That’s why we can promise our listeners ‘More Sweet Memories’.

James Burkhardt Founder,

A wow listener experience has always been top priority. always sounded better to many because I spent countless hours in his studio for 6 weeks producing the original 25 minute music blocks applying Audio Mastering techniques learned as a student at Berklee College of Music and as an intern to world-class Mastering Engineer, Bob Katz just a few years earlier. Nowadays stream everything in HD Audio.

It’s been my good fortune to create other unique radio formats. Back in 1981, I worked with some very talented radio personalities at WCRM-FM in the western suburbs of Chicago. Together, we became the first to play “praise” music mixed with Adult Contemporary & Pop. The station caught on big-time with younger adult Christian listeners.

WCRM-FM became an influential reporting station for Christian Record charts nationwide, especially the one for CCM Magazine. It was noticed by local secular media and profiled by local CBS station WBBM-TV, Channel 2 and featured in the Sunday Arts & Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune during my tenure there from 1981 – 1985. I mention this because they probably wouldn’t be a SNT if there wasn’t a WCRM-FM first.

In the beginning, streaming was done by loading 12 hours of pre-recorded 25 minute Music and Worship sets into a Windows Media player. Five minute breaks were reserved for commercials and promotional announcements. Then in 2011 a new Internet streaming software was installed which allowed individual mp3s to be played as a playlist. That began years of tweaking to get the mix of songs just right.

Sundays have always been programmed exclusively with Worship and Praise songs and zero commercials. We can do this because we remind listeners of this fact daily and mention the sponsor. The Bible Channel as it is now known, aka. (WatchWord Video Bible) was the first. SNT Coffee has been sponsoring Sundays since 2018. This Sunday for the 10th Anniversary will be like always… commercial-free Worship & Praise all day long.

Thanks for a wonderful first decade. It is a tremendous joy to be streaming the Greatest Christian Music around the world via the Internet.