A “Real” Movie THE INVESTIGATOR starring Wade Williams

Image I first met Wade Williams on September 11, 2009 in Orlando, FL at the One God Movement event at Lake Eola where my wife and I were helping out in the Green Room. Williams was there to sing a few songs in support of a newly released CD. He was one of the first to arrive,  so we had plenty of time to talk. I could tell from our conversation that he had already lived through a lifetime worth of experiences at a relatively young age including life on the street as an actor struggling in Los Angeles.

He began as a musician and singer acting in musical theater in Tennessee and then spent 20 years in the Hollywood grind where he had minor roles in TV and Film, mostly playing cops.  Sometimes, in preparation for certain roles he was allowed to “ride along” in police cruisers as they patrolled the streets and learn the professional work habits of successful police officers. To hear more directly about Wade Williams, check out the recent interview we had on the podcast page at SnTRadio.com. Click here:  http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts/

This real sense of police work is what Williams brings to the starring role of THE INVESTIGATOR. It is a biopic of sorts but like “Dragnet”, the names have been changed.  The script was written by the real person behind the main character that Williams portrays, Sergeant James Bunacore.  THE INVESTIGATOR is based on the true story of a recently retired police officer who in the middle of personal and professional tragedy accepts a job as a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a Christian high school after 20 years on the force. His students provide the spark that reignites the fire in his belly and his journey back to a fully productive life is as good as it gets. THE INVESTIGATOR is both inspiring and thrilling.

I do not want to spoil the film for you by revealing too much else but you will see a very good story told exceedingly well.  Williams describes this performance as “his best work to date”. The film debuts in select markets this weekend and holds nothing back in the emotions  and psychology of a well seasoned detective trying to solve one of the most cruelly horrific homicides in the history of man — the murder of Jesus Christ.


My Plea For Bible Believers To Align With the LGBT Community Against Bullying

ImageI hope you are familiar with the saying, “Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.”  During World War II, a Lutheran Pastor living in Germany by the name of Dietrich Bonhoeffer expressly warned of the oppression of his Jewish neighbors by the Nazi regime. His protests went unheeded by the Church at large and in the end, he was executed on April 9, 1945 in the Flossenburg concentration camp for his beliefs and a role in the resistance against Hitler. If he were alive today, chances are he would be loudly speaking up on similar moral grounds against bullying.

Now there is not enough space to get into too much of Bonhoeffer’s theology, some of which I disagree with like “Christian supersessionism” which can be recognized today as a form of “replacement theology”.  I personally believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people and am unashamedly pro-Israel. But all that is for another blog.

This blog’s main point is simply that we as Bible believers now have some real common ground with the LGBT community in our Christ mandated role as “peacemakers” and should fight alongside them against bullying while there is time and opportunity to do so just as a courageous Bonhoeffer did to rally against a persecution and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population in his day. Who knows for sure but Faith-based activity could be next on the bully’s list.  Any parent or grandparent with a family member in middle school, high school or college knows all about the bullying issue. It is real and very serious.

Perhaps you were expecting to see a picture of Ted Haggard, the Pastor who fell from heterosexual grace and after repenting of his sin now has a credible ministry to those in the gay community. God is in the redemption business. He always uses an effective messenger to reach the unredeemed, and in fact, became a human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth that He would become the savior of all humankind. We as the Church of Jesus Christ are called to be His ambassadors and Peacemakers. To stop bullying is the same as keeping the peace.  Of what significance is it to only love those who are “lovable” socially? Even the worldly do that. What has always been the strongest testimony to others is the act of showing uncompromising Christian love in the face of viciousness and hate. Isn’t that what lies at the root of bullying… a human’s heart filled with vicious hate?

I do not believe one must advocate a LGBT lifestyle to be anti-bullying.  Recently, a couple of fellow musicians whom I worked and worshiped with were removed from the worship team at my church for their lifestyle choices. I pray very diligently for them. The Bible clearly ascribes “abomination”  to the practice of homosexuality and it is clearly condemned in Leviticus 18:22  But it is long overdue for Bible believers to walk into the open closet door and get a better understanding of those trapped in there. By the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, a person can change from homosexual into holiness in an instant. I have seen it firsthand and the man just married the woman of his dreams last month. Now they share work in an active church ministry together.

But beware because not all homosexual groups are alike. Some are well organized, well financed and politically connected but militant  whose ways and means will not mix well with any Christian outreach. But that should not deter a simple grass roots alliance with the vast majority to work together towards preventing a racist hate crime against individuals for their beliefs. “All it takes for evil to prevail in this world is for good men to do nothing.”  And like Bonhoeffer, we Bible believers may fall victim to bullies next if we do not act now. 

Please take the poll that follows.  Many thanks, James Burkhardt

Our Constitution Rocks and so does this election’s Presidential Choices: Mormon or Muslim?

It’s the Friday morning after the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. I’ve waited until now to write this blog in the American spirit of fairness to both sides. But I cannot deny my inner urging as a former talk show host at a conservative radio station in Central Florida to speak my mind and exercise my right to free speech. But within the guidelines of keeping SnT Radio.com as politically neutral as possible and trying to give equal time as was the rule when I operated stations under FCC licenses. That being said, I have something relevant to say to the followers of Jesus who are participating in this election process. First, my hope is that these past ten days serve to positively affect the level of political debate in this great land of ours. That’s right, I said ours. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian or whatever, this land is our land… and God’s because the whole earth is His anyway. So let’s express ourselves with love and not hate as the ambassadors of the Kingdom that we are.

One strong recommendation that I will make right now is before you vote in November,  get a copy of Our Constitution Rocks! written by 14 year old Juliette Turner and read it aloud with your spouse and family. It is one of the most clear renderings of the Constitution that I have ever read, even if the language is in the vernacular of today’s young adults and teens. Everyone needs to remind themselves of the “law of the land” and understand their rights as citizens of these United States of America. My hope is that after you read this book, a renewed sense of respect will enter into the nature of the current political debate. If you want to know more about Our Constitution Rocks! check out the SnT podcast interview.  Ms. Turner’s youthful exurberance will bring a smile to your face and give you hope for America’s future as you listen to her share. BTW, her mother is actress and talkshow host Janine Turner. To listen now, click on this link: http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts

Now it’s crunch time as next up will be the three Presidential Debates and seemingly endless TV and radio commercials thanks to the huge response to fundraising efforts on both sides. I expect to see a tightly coached effort by both candidates. There is just too much on the line during September and October to leave anything to chance Only Ronald Reagan was spontaneous because he knew the value of a great one-liner and hung out with some of the most creative talkers ever in Hollywood. I really don’t see that same quality in either Presidential candidate. So the choice will be made on your decision as to who will be the better leader based upon their ideas and future plans for America. Which is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted to see happen.

Most of my life I confess to being an amateur political junkie. I absolutely loved the show, “The West Wing” in principle because while the writing espoused a certain agenda, it showed the process and the human elements of politics that many people don’t ever see. The root cause for this can be traced back to growing up in Chicago during the 1960’s. I can remember watching the Kennedy-Nixon debates as a 6 year old boy and asking a lot of questions. My Democrat leaning Mom would usually cancel out my Republican father’s vote in nearly every election I can remember. My older brother was a Political Science major in college and we had lots of animated conversations about politics. My uncle was a Humphrey Democrat who worked for the Democratic Party Cook County Illinois. So I grew up hearing both sides of the political spectrum during the Civil Rights and Viet Nam War era. Our holiday gatherings as a family were always punctuated with a vigorous exchange of ideas. Somehow, I managed to stay independent.

That leads me to say as gently and succintly as I can to my fellow followers of Jesus… my strong belief is that what is going to transpire on the earth during the next 25 to 30 years will not be affected nor avoided by this election because G-d’s plans for  America, all  the nations of the earth and all mankind are coming to a head. There will soon be a clear choice between G-d’s Son and Satan’s imposter. Are we in the beginning of the end of days? Will 2012 signal the end of times (but not be the “end of time”) ? Quite possibly because G-d’s prophetic clock is ticking very loudly and I believe we are on the verge of some unalterable and unavoidable events. These things must come upon the earth. The Book of  Daniel in Chapters 2,7,8,9, and 11  plus Revelation 13: 1 – 17 speaks about economic consolidation and  the establishment of a ten nation One World government is near. Are you aware the UN has the whole earth is divided into ten zones? Am I spouting crazy conspiracy theories, No! I am merely suggesting that God’s plan for the Ages is rapidly coming to a close and the Return of Jesus Christ as Ruler of the Earth is near. The Bible says that the time of Jacob’s Trouble must come. It’s not a pretty sight but even so, “Come Lord Jesus”. It’s all written down in the Holy Scriptures.

I believe that a man’s religious beliefs should never be a “trump card” that either qualifies or disqualifies a man to lead. America has never been a theocracy, only Israel can claim that. The Bible says the governments of the earth are ultimately established by G-D. So this year our choice ironically is between a Mormon and a Muslim. My advice is pray and ask your Heavenly Father whom you should vote for. The end of days will come but the good news is that when Jesus returns, He will be here for a thousand years. So yes, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren do have a bright future as the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ approaches. But first comes an extreme and trying time upon the earth. Are you ready?

Can Friendship Mix With Business? I hope so… THE COMPANY may hold the answer.

Author Chuck Graham THE COMPANY

I have a confession of sorts…  a long, long time ago (the mid 1970’s to be honest) I managed a Christian Bookshop owned by Tyndale House Publishers in the western suburbs of Chicago. It was my first job out of college and I absolutely loved it. During my short 4 year career from May 1976 to July 1980 we learned quite a bit about selling Books, Bibles and Christian Music. I think in 1979 I was interviewed by Contemporary Christian Music magazine to share my views about the burgeoning Christian Music market. All I remember was that Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary was on the cover and the word “burgeoning” was in the article title.  I think John Styll, the publisher had heard about me from friends at Word or Sparrow Records. I’ve certainly been blessed with solid business relationships through the years and many from my Christian Bookselling days have lasted for decades.

Which brings me to the question at hand. Can friendship mix with business? In 2010, my friend Chuck Graham, a successful corporate lawyer, mentioned he was writing a book. Now Chuck is an excellent writer as he usually writes a weekly “Note of Encouragement” which is available free by e-mail at http://www.Ciloa.org. Many thousands of individuals from all over the earth read “The Note” every Monday morning plus he had published two other books comprised of a collection of “Notes” that he has written over the past 9 years. I had asked him to keep me updated on this new book’s progress which he did. Then he asked me to read it when the first polished draft was done. (A polished draft is something writers will distribute to friends that represents a work that they are relatively comfortable sharing for feedback purposes.)

I read the pdf pages on our laptop in just two days because I simply could not put it down.  I heartily recommend it for anyone over age 12 because it is a very, very good read. My taste in books are usually non-fiction because I like to learn from others and benefit from their wisdom. After all, they made the mistakes and lived to tell about it. (So I don’t have to repeat them.) Plus, I’m kind of a curious guy who likes discovering the roots of everything that interests me. So for me to be personally enthralled by a fiction book means it must be both stunning, and spectacular. THE COMPANY is all that and more. I can’t wait to see the movie(s) because Chuck has 4 more sequels planned out in order to finish telling the story.

At bare minimum, the story of  THE COMPANY is a real conversation starter. However, it would be unfair to divulge any more about THE COMPANY in this blog,  but Chuck will tell you more if you listen to the podcast of the interview we did in July at the International Christian Retailing Show in Orlando. Just visit http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts and click on the highlighted link for Chuck Graham THE COMPANY. After you do, if you are a fiction lover then you will probably put it on your must read list.  And I hope that you will appreciate the unique opportunity THE COMPANY has as a gift this Holiday season for all your friends and colleagues. It makes an awesome “secret Santa” gift at your workplace.

I may have taken some lines to get to it, but the reason you’re reading this blog is to discover if friendship can mix with business. From my experience, doing business with friends can either be the best experience with stratospheric highs or the absolute worst where a perfectly good friendship gets ruined beyond repair.  In the fall of 2010, a friend and former client (I produced and edited his weekly radio program) asked me to be a partner in a new downtown parking garage venture where the after tax profits would go to start a new church in Central Florida. Throwing caution to the wind despite my wife’s advice, I plunged ahead with the task of negotiating contracts, many meetings with city officials about signage, business licenses, setting up the relationships with business insurance, legal, accounting, and payroll professionals and being a paid advisor for setting all significant company policy. I  believe the initial meeting was early September of 2010 and operations began in mid-December. Despite the business turning a profit from the very first month, I was bought out in mid-April 2011 and the other party and I had a serious breakdown that lasted into March of this year when we finally began  speaking to each other again. The overall business dissolved after about 11 months because the main contract was cancelled under suspicious circumstances.

Now being a bit wiser, I will not go into a business (meaning money changes hands) with friends no matter how much earnings can be made nor how much I love and personally cherish the friend. I will only engage if and only if two criteria are met. 1) A go from the Lord and 2) unbridled passion for and total belief in the project that meets or exceeds that which I have also for my current assignment, which is SnT Radio and SnT-ARK. OK, I know that is somewhat subjective but these principles can be applied in your life. So when you are approached by a friend with a business offer, take time to seriously think it through and examine your motives.  Ask yourself this hard question, “Am I serving God or mammon (money)?”

But that does not mean I won’t help a friend, I just will refuse payment for it now in the vast majority of cases. Even if it personally profits my friend substantially. Will a true friend really expect a referral fee for suggesting a service or prospective business customer to another friend. I understand about protocol and professional courtesy in modern business practice but does that have any place in the Body of Christ where we are called to “love one another” and “serve”? There’s a particular verse about laying down your life for a friend. I don’t believe that it means only physically dying any more than “dying to self” does. It has to do with investing yourself in them and their life at the cost of your time, talent,  treasure and personal will. Jesus didn’t charge us for anything that He did on earth. No, rather He admonished us, “Lay up treasures in Heaven”.

So as opportunities to serve with your friends come in life, please learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to repeat them. The pain of losing any good relationship is not worth any amount of money. You’ll only get 3 to 5 truly good friends in a  lifetime. Don’t roll the dice unless you have very good and non-financial reasons to do so, even if you are qualified to do the work.

Now for the rest of the story… this began innocently when Chuck asked me to submit a quote about “THE COMPANY” that could be used for marketing purposes which I did gladly.  Because of my experience in that field, I had a pretty good idea of the kind of statement that would be most effective and the manner in which it could be used. As it turned out, WinePress the publishing/marketing company, chose it to be used on a bookmark to be given away at the ICRS mentioned above, an event where 5,000 people from all over the world directly involved in the making and distribution of Christian products meet. Honestly, that was an honor and gift straight from the hand of God. Are people who received the bookmark going to listen to SnT Radio.com? Perhaps. More than anything,  it lends credibility to my role as an influence and will register with industry insiders who pay attention to such details. So in my mind, Chuck has already paid it forward and anything I can do to help him get a leg up in the book and film world is only my attempt to balance the books between friends. Even though he’s graciously extended an expanded opportunity to me, all my publishing and film contacts are open and gratis for the advancement of  THE COMPANY by Chuck Graham, a man I am pleased to have as my friend, and dear brother in Christ.  I intend to keep it that way. BTW, this book and film franchise will accomplish everything that  is prophesied on the bookmark. You saw it here first.

Click on the link below to see the bookmark but you may need to shrink it in your browser as it may load in large.

Company Bookmark

“Role model”, GMC TV “Raising Izzie” Actress Victoria Staley

Today is Friday August 3, 2012 and tonight on GMC TV there’s a wonderful movie to watch, “Raising Izzie”. The delightful young actress and singer, Victoria Staley, plays a pivotal role as big sister to Izzie. She recently had a conversation with me about the movie and her take on life as a contemporary teen. Born in 1996, Victoria has been getting vocal training since age 5 and began acting at age 8. She’s currently working on an Urban Pop music project, and has a real passion for musical theatre. No doubt Broadway is on her mind.

What struck me as most significant during our conversation was her complete and total trust in God for her future. This was refreshing. Throughout history, many whose impact for the Kingdom has been great have demonstrated a similar trust at a tender age… from shepherd boy David, and Joan of Arc to moderns like Jim Elliot.  In the movie, her little sister character Izzie demonstrates a similar childlike faith of trusting God in critical life situations that affect her future in stark contrast to the older children and adults around her.

From her responses, she’s been working very diligently on her craft and it definitely shows on screen. She is very believeable and her range of emotions is well beyond sixteen years. Victoria also shared a very touching backstory about her Grandfather which helped her performance in what she considers to be her biggest scene in “Raising Izzie”. Victoria’s parents wisely make academics a top priority in her life. She made the point that “her role in “Raising Izzie” was a real stretch because she has such awesome parents.” How many parents would like their children to speak so highly of them publicly?  I don’t want to give away the entire movie plot but Victoria’s character, Junior High student Gertie, finds herself in the unenviable position of raising her little sister Izzie on her own and without trust in God.

When asked what do you hope to accomplish with her music, Victoria said she wanted to be a positive role model. In an era when popular professional athletes want no part of being a “role model”, someone in the public eye who does genuinely deserves to be celebrated! My humble observation based on our interview is: Victoria, you don’t have to wait to be a role model… you already are!

As mentioned above, GMC TV will air “Raising Izzie” tonight. Another is scheduled for Saturday August 11th. Please check your listings for broadcast times. You can hear the complete Victoria Staley Podcast Interview anytime at: http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts or click on the Podcasts tab on the SnT Radio.com homepage. Blessings to you –  James Burkhardt.

A SuperBowl Dream? The WatchWORD Video Bible Kickstarter Campaign… at Halftime

In 1990, Cornerstone Television in Pittsburgh, PA  was a client of a company I led and their Development Director was Jim Fitzgerald. In 1992, he received this Spirit-inspired idea to produce the Bible in an easy to understand English version that one would watch, read and listen to simultaneously… The WatchWORD Video Bible.  Today, it is perfect media to reach everyone in the world who owns a smartphone or tablet.

Over the past 20 years, I have stood with Jim in prayer as he has agonized to complete this massive assignment. Now he has begun a kickstarter campaign to promote the WatchWORD Video Bible in a SuperBowl Ad this February 2013.  many prominent athletes and coaches support this SuperBowl Ads concept, including Tony Dungy. To use a football Knute Rockne film analogy, it’s  Halftime and the chips are down. We’ve got to win this one for the Gipper!

Right now Jim and a videographer have embarked on a road trip to 21 cities for the last 3 weeks of this Kickstarter Campaign. He’s visiting Churches, Ministries, the Media, and Christian owned businesses to generate awareness and financial support. He may even visit Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage on the last stop in San Francisco.  Perhaps even Glen Beck in Dallas. The full itinerary is  below. But more importantly, Here are some links to share.

WatchWORD Video Bible Kickstarter Campaign

This link takes you to the kickstarter page for the WatchWORD Video Bible. I urge you to share this with your church, all your friends and extended family who want to see the Great Commission fulfulled in the next few years.


This link takes you to their YouTube channel where you can experience the WatchWORD Bible personally.


This goes to the main WatchWORD Video Bible website.

ITINERARY: 21 Cities in 21 Days Road Trip to the SuperBowl – please pray for travel protection and complete success. Many Thanks!

July 28th Columbus OH

July 29th Dayton OH

July 30th Indianapolis IN

July 31st Cinncinati OH

August 1 Louisville KY

August 2 Nashville TN

August 3 Memphis TN

August 4 Springfield MO

August 5 St. Louis MO

August 6 Kansas City MO

August 7 Omaha NE

August 8 Wichita KS

August 9 Oklahoma City OK

August 10 Dallas TX

August 11 Dallas TX

August 12 Amarillo TX

August 13 Colorado Springs

August 14 Denver

August 15 Salt Lake City

August 16 Reno

August 17 San Francisco

August 18 Pittsburgh

August 19 Kickstarter Campaign Ends

Back in the Saddle Again… after many God Moments

Back in the Saddle Again… after many God Moments

I’ve been asked why haven’t I written a blog in many months. The answer is simple. I’ve been caring for mywife who has been in the hospital over 80 days from December 1, 2011 until July 8, 2012. It all began with a brown recluse spider bite right around Thanksgiving. That bite resulted in a massive infection and ultimately she lost her big right toe on December 7, 2011. There have been several complications with her toe and foot since. As a result, I have learned to mix and infuse antibiotics as part of her care in addition to helping her walk and being her emotional support. She needs round the clock attention being restricted to bed and the bathroom. Outside assistance from home health care only comes for an hour 2 to 3 times per week to check on her foot wound and dress it so the rest is up to me. She is allowed a leased wound-vac to enable healing. It is a struggle to juggle everything that needs to be done. But we persevere.

Chest pain seems to persist and the big one is avoided in mid-March when she had open heart surgery after the cardiologist is convinced that it is not a gastro intestinal problem. No, it was not. Triple bypass to be exact. Most of you do not know that 4 days after we launched SnT Radio.com in May of 2009, she had a massive heart attack. It was so bad, she was flown by medical helicopter to the heart cautherization lab because the ER doctor was convinced that she had minutes to live. That was my first instance where I just had to humbly tell the Lord, “I trust you for her well-being. Let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  This was out of my hands. In the end, her blood sugar and blood pressure was too high to operate. The surgeon on call waited 24 hours for it to drop into safer levels. During that same 24 hours we called evryone we knew to organize a massive prayer chain. And God heard our prayers and she was released a few days later with a strict medication regime.

So fast forward to March of this year. Another massive prayer chain has been praying for her for months then they get news about the heart surgery. We have no medical insurance but she is at Florida Hospital South Orlando (Seventh Day Adventist) whose mission is to care and heal people as Christ did and she is assigned the number 2 heart surgeon in one of the best Cardiology departments in the USA only because the number 1 surgeon is booked and they can’t wait for him. The hospital assigns a person to her case who will interface with State and Federal medical assistance programs on our behalf. They should because they have hundreds of thousands of potential costs to cover in this procedure. She comes through. We praise God, her heart is strong and everything looks good.

Then she develops cellulitis in her right leg in April which threatens her foot because it still has not healed despite massive antibiotic treatments. So it’s back to Florida Hospital where staff are beginning to know her by sight and address her by her firstname. They pump another round of antibiotics into her via an IV. Once the cellulitis is gone her podiatrist and foot surgeon determines that another section of bone must come out of the foot. It was tainted by the cellulitis. This will make her walking even more difficult without assistance or a prosthetic. After foot surgery the attending Infectious Diseases doc orders to install a third picc line. We get her home on Friday night and the home care nurse has trouble Monday afternoon just like I did flushing the line on Sunday.  We compare notes and agree it is the picc line and not either of us so we rush off to the ER again.

This time we discover, as a parting gift, she has blood clots caused by the picc line which travel from her right arm into her left lung. A pulmonary embolism… another serious reason to pray fervently. So back to Florida Hospital and the picc line is pulled. Now the only way to administer antibiotics is through an IV. Her veins start collapsing from over use in the left arm because you can’t take fluids out of the side where blood clots are detected. But the doctors are very good and as chest pains return her stay extends into two weeks until they are sure she is stable. Then home again, finally. But not for long.

The new week takes us to a new place, the coumodon clinic where her blood thiness is checked.  More complications show up with chest pains and shortness of breath. Her vibrancy after the heart surgery has disappeared. She is in pain and tired. No one seems to know why. So she is admitted from the ER into the hospital after flat lining twice in the ER. Her cardiologist is called in again. She is stabilized and sent home again because he does not want to stop the coumodin treatments because the blood clots are still much too dangerous. Still more fervent prayer. We go to the store and she breaks her second toe on the right foot when she shifts her weight. She sees the podiatrist within 24 hours and he puts her into a protective boot that goes up to her knee with the strictest stay off your feet order I have ever heard. A week passes then the painkillers won’t touch the chest pain. Something else is definitely wrong.

Then, I recognize the same look on her face as I did in May of 2009.Its a bright sunny Monday morning in late June. Her rosy color is not so rosy. I say we are going to thre ER. She mumbles and nods her head. We arrive. The computers are down and they do not realize that she is categorized as urgent when her computer file comes up. I keep her awake as best I can by telling her funny stories followed by “I love you very much. Its great to hear you laugh.” There is a shift change. More waiting as the hours pass by. Then the annoucement that the computers have come back up. A brief time passes then her name is called. Off to get an immediate EKG. It is bad. I’ve watched enough to know an irregular heartbeat when I see one. She is taken right away to a room and hooked up to a monitor. Within minutes she flatlines again for an instant. The ER doc comes in and begins to address us. Right in front of him she flatlines again. He tried but couldn’t hide the look of concern on his face. He orders more tests and bloodwork. The techs have a hard time getting blood from her veins and gives up. He must call in another tech. Off to X ray. Then the ER doc admits her and she is shown to her room. She doesn’t leave for another 14 days and has one more visit to the heart cautherization lab in the middle of it. The cardiologist takes a good look at her heart and determines that there is a minute blockage but elects not to do a procedure. He thinks the chest pain is not cardiac related but clot and orders her back on the blood thinners, stat. It takes 5 long days for her to get the levels into a stable range before she can be released. It is Sunday, July 8th.

Around May 25,2012, the start of SnT Radio.com’s fourth year of 24/7/365 streaming, I received an email from friend and author Chuck Graham telling me that a quote I had submitted endorsing his new book, “THE COMPANY” was chosen by his publisher to be used on a bookmark to be distributed at the upcoming International Christian Retailing Show in Orlando, FL from July 15 -18. He send me a digital copy. There it was attributed to James Burkhardt, Founder – SnT Radio.com. What a blessing of an opportunity. That convention attracts about 5,000 attendees from all over the world.

So I sought the Lord about it and was told to plan on working hard there and that my wife would be my photographer. I would have everything I needed to make the most of it. OK. I needed to register as media and secure a space to record interviews. Registration was no problem but all the media rooms suitable for recording had already been reserved months ago. I could have a in the hallway outside the convention floor. OK… are you sure there isn’t other space more suitable for recording author/recording artist interviews? We’ll try was all I was told. Hmmm… portable recording gear. None on hand. Plus our laptop had died after the bypass operation which could’ve worked. I kept trusting as I began to book interviews with several authors. Then more and more until I was conducting interviews on Sunday the 15th through Tuesday the 17 without a break. Nearly 2 dozen we set in stone secured. No room. No suitablable equipment. And my wife was in the hospital with no guarantee that she’d be out to serve as timekeeper and photographer.

She was still in the hospital as books, DVD’s and CD’s began arriving for review prior to interviews  Neither the equipment and money I thought we might receive to purchase it never came into my hand. Just enough to cover parking for five days @ $13 a day and a little extra for some signage, printied materials, bottled water for our guests and some protein snacks to sustain us during the 9 – 10 hour days on Monday and Tuesday.  After securing my wife’s permanent handicapped parking placard on Tuesday July 10th, with less than a week to go, I called my former 660AM WORL talkshow producer and friend, Joe Ferraro and asked if he had any portable recording devices I might borrow for the week. He said yes and that I would love what he had — and no laptop necessary. He would swing by on Sunday about 2 in the afternoon to my space and get me operational. My first interview scheduled was at 3pm with Michael Card. When you have friends that you know you can trust, details like that do not make me sweat. I also contacted the Media contacts and was told something better was in the works but I needed to wait until Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning before it would be resolved.

So we spent the rest of my wife’s first week home reading and watching and listening so I would be prepared.  On Saturday, the parking attendant let us park for free to pick up our Media credentials and ID badge around 1pm. We stopped in the media room and met the person coordinating all the media relations inclusing our space. She said she was waiting for the room set up people to arrive before she could commit to anything. But it would definitely be resolved by Sunday morning. I could stop by before 5pm that afternoon, she would be in a better position to know.

That was fine with us because we had to be back to help out taking tickets for the Champions of the Faith Concert at 5:00pm. Apparently someone backed out at the last minute and my friend Kenworth Reeves texted me and asked us to help out. As long as my wife can accomplish her volunteer task sitting down, we can do it, I texted back. She absolutely should not be on her feet very much. I must admit it was fun taking tickets from people that I would be interviewing later in the week. Well the printing was done and ready to be picked up at 3pm. I had justr come in from feeding and cleaning up after our eleven cats when I had to leave to meet Tony Metcalf from Salt 1 to 1 in Orlando. I got back just in time to shower and get back over to the convention center. On the visit earlier in the afternoon we discovered how to drop my wife off close to Media area where we would be so she did not have to walk long distances. It was about 4:50pm when I let her out and she went directly to the media room. I asked her to call me with the room information and I would meet up with her there before making our way to the theatre for the evening’s event.

I parked the car… free again because the lot was unattended at that moment — or should I say God moment and was almost to the Media wing when my phone rang. It was my wife. We had several options but come quickly because it was 4:59 and the Media Relations folks had to go. Thankfully, they were gracious to wait an extra minute for me to arrive and they took me to a cavernous meeting room that could be shared by three media outlets seperated by curtains. It was perfect for our needs. I knew that a couple of prominent interviewees had entourages so the two extra tables and chairs would handle this very nicely. I was very grateful. And now we have 28 interviews done and I will be sharing all of them with you as podcasts at www.sntradio.com and here in the sntradioblog. God willing — next weekend, Chuck Graham and THE COMPANY.