“PLAYING FAVORITES” and MEMORY JOGGERS PLAYLIST for SnT Radio.com Spotlight Saturday October 22, 2011

I used to hate the phrase “playing favorites”. Didn’t you? It seemed so unfair. Just because someone in authority liked somebody else, the favor was bestowed on them. As in a teacher’s pet. Or the glad handing back slapper who was promoted over you. Hmmm. Could that be considered a type of grace? I’m not a theologian but I do know that the word “grace” means “unmerited favor”. Isn’t that exactly what God gives us… unmerited favor? Doesn’t He play favorites with His children. He bestows blessing after blessing on us and sometimes it is not deserved. He is a good, good God and always working things out for our benefit even when times are difficult. That is but one reason out of many to give Him praise every day. Imagine, the Creator of the Universe is working behind the scenes to create good in our lives and even when we don’t deserve it. Talk about playing favorites. I shudder to think about what my life would be like without Jesus Christ. He was sent by God to make all our lives better by His death and resurrection. If anyone did not deserve to suffer and die, it was Jesus. He lived a sinless life, yet He took on our sin and paid the price that we may have the free gift of eternal life by faith. As a result, we are redeemed and enabled to have fellowship with a Holy God. (Can I get an Amen?) That is Grace at its finest. It really does come down to playing favorites.

In another definition of “playing favorites” as in your favorite Christian Music, is an important function of SnT Radio.com. If you listen then you already about the breadth and depth of our playlist every day. This Saturday, SnT Radio will spotlight some memory joggers… Songs you haven’t heard played on the radio in quite a while. The album artwork corresponding to many of these songs is posted for your perusal. I even picked out a couple of album cuts that were “turntable hits” from back in the day like Barry McGuire’s Baby Huey, Quaismodo from Lifehouse, and the Francis Schaeffer inspired The God Who Is There by Gerry Limpic. If you’re like me, Noel Paul Stookey’s Wedding Song from 1971 was sung at my Wedding service. It is good to hear these from time to time and remember those times in our lives. It can keep you young at heart. The list is deliberately shorter than the usual 24 so that several will be repeated throughout the day just in case you can’t listen all day long. So enjoy the music and the memories!


1. Electrovoice by Dan Peek from Electrovoice.

2. Ugly Louise by Dove from Dove II

3. Caught In The Crossfire by Limpic and Rayburn from Crossfire

4. Quasimodo by Lifehouse from No Name Face

5. Wedding Song by Noel Paul Stookey from Paul And

6. Remember Whose Child You Are by Dogwood from After the Flood and Before the Fire

7. One Way by Danny Lee & Children of Truth from One Way

8. Keep the Flame Burnin’ by Debbie Boone from Surrender

9. Heaven (Into My Soul) by Edin – Adahl from Into My Soul

10. A Shield About Me by Donn Thomas from Live Wires

11. Baby Huey by Barry McGuire from Inside Out

12. Where Are The Heroes by Dennis Agajanian from Where Are The Heroes

13. Oh Happy Day by Edwin Hawkins Singers from The Real Thing

14. The God Who Is There by Gerry Limpic from Gentle Touch

15. How Can I Keep From Singing by Rich Mullins from Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, October 22, 2011.

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SnT Radio.com The Best of the Jesus Music Era 1969 – 1979 Songlist for Saturday, September 3, 2011

The danger with a list like this is that it proves time is marching on. In under 12 months will be the 40th anniversary of what Life Magazine heralded as the “Christian Woodstock – Explo ’72”. My brother attended that event. I had just graduated from High School, and was about to begin my freshman year of College. So many of the songs selected are going to be memory joggers for many of us who qualify for membership in AARP. Or maybe just call us Jesus Geezers.

The albums shown above were some of the most significant of that very special and Holy Spirit-filled ten year season. Of course Jesus Sound Explosion Explo ’72 had to make the list. Eighty thousand persons were there. Almost a significant is the Hosanna USA Live event. Broadcast live via satellite and simulcast on FM stations (this was before stereo TV audio) as was common with other secular televised concert shows like ABC’s IN Concert series. A very ambitious undertaking by Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel/ Marantha Music folks – I had a connection because I was Advertising Manager for Tyndale Bookshops, who sponsored the FM simulcast in the Chicago Market on a non-Christian mega-watt FM station that hit 3 states around that city.

Then there are the Jubilation series “sampler” albums from Myrrh Records. Four sides for $16.98 list price. Ouch! These were some of the first widely distributed albums of Jesus Music made available. For many who didn’t have a progressive Christian radio station like KYMS-FM in Costa Mesa, CA or KCFO-FM in Tulsa, OK , the only way to hear Jesus Music through syndicated shows like Scott Ross, PowerLine or Full Circle with Jerry Bryant and sharing albums like these among friends. Many of the early artists custom LP’s were distributeq by the Sonrise Mercantile Company and available by mail order only like Larry Norman, Children of the Day, Danny Lee & Children of Truth and much of the early Marantha Music LP’s. The big exception was Good News Records, Love Song’s label had distribution through some major national record departments in chain stores like Sears and E.J. Korvettes. I can remember buying the first Love Song album there in Elmhurst IL much to my delight.

As is our policy to feature “songs you just don’t hear on the radio anymore” I’ve selected many significant songs and artists from the above albums that first introduced Jesus Music – plus some very rare live cuts from the 1972 to 1974 vintage that really carry the feeling of the times. Just like Walter Conkrite’s educational series “YOU ARE THERE”, these selections will put you smack dab in the middle of the Jesus Movement. For you newbies who missed it — enjoy. The rest of us can close our eyes because like the man says… “and more sweet memories on SnT Radio”.

1. Tomorrow’s News by Malcom and Alwyn

2. Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast by Honeytree

3. Johnny by Randy Matthews

4. Think About What Jesus Said by Love Song

5. Jesus People by Barry McGuire

6. Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation by Larry Norman

7. I See Men As Trees Walkin’ by Johnny Cash

8. The Prince Song by the 2nd Chapter of Acts

9. Where Can I Go by Petra

10. Friends by Ernie and Debbie Rettino

11. Sweet Jesus Morning by Mustard Seed Faith

12. He’s The Reason To Go On by The Way

13. Sweet Music by the Pat Terry Group

14. Ain’t You Glad by Michael Omartian

15. Reaching For The Sky by Liberation Suite

16. Jesus Is Just Alright by e Band

17. Light of the World by Parchment

18. Life’s Greatest Possession by Lily Green

19. Living Water by Denny Correll

20. Jesus Came Into My Life by Benny Hester

21. Song for Salvation by Paul Clark

22. Temple To The Sky by Leon Patillo

23. To The Ancient Of Days by Bob Ayala

24. Shotgun Angel by Daniel Amos

SnT Radio.com will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, September 3, 2011.

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James Burkhardt
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2nd Chapter of Acts Spotlight Songlist for August 13, 2011

The 2nd Chapter of Acts Playlist for Saturday August 13, 2011

1. Hey Whatcha Say from How The West Was Won

2. Morning Comes When You Call from How The West Was Won

3. Jesus Is Single

4. Til The Walls Come Down from Live with The Omartians

5. Mansion Builder from Live with The Omartians

6. Humble Yourself from Faraway Places

7. Lookin’ At God’s Son Single

8. Prince Song from To The Bride

9. Night Light from Night Light

10. I Fall In Love/Change from With Footnotes

11. Which Way the Wind Blows from With Footnotes

12. Denomination Blues from To The Bride

13. I’m So Happy Single

14. Bread of Life from Rejoice

15. The Devil’s Lost Again from With Footnotes

16. Make My Life A Prayer To You from Mansion Builder

17. Mountain Tops from Mansion Builder

18. Takin’ The Easy Way from Twenty 1972 – 1992

19. Easter Song from With Footnotes

20. Psalm 63 from In the Volume of the Book

21. Rejoice from Rejoice

22. Heaven Came to Earth from Rejoice

23. Love, Peace, Joy from To The Bride

24. Yahweh from In the Volume of the Book

SnT Radio.com begins playing one of these songs every hour beginning at 12am Eastern Standard Time on August 13, 2011

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