It’s been two months since we first introduced Robert Keith, a stage 4 cancer patient to you. We asked you to pray for Robert and his family  as we listened to his favorite songs (aka the Robert List) on Saturday, September 3rd of this year. Many of you did and I’ve been asked, “What happened?”.  As usual, our Heavenly Father is up to something good.  God has given to Robert and his family something that only God can give; the gift of time and extended life. Robert is about to celebrate his birthday on Monday, November 7th. He has asked his wife Harriet to renew their wedding vows which will happen very soon. The bond with his son Gabe has become stronger as never before. Their housing issues have been worked out favorably for another month. For his birthday, he will be wheeled outdoors for the first time since an ambulance ride in July  to experience the warmth of the sun and feel the breeze blow again. I’d say he is truly being blessed. What say you?

But the love story continues. The cup of love God has poured for the Keith family is overflowing into the lives of those around them, especially to people who don’t know much about God and His ways. Many see the love God’s people have shown the Keith’s firsthand by their prayers and support of family, friends and in some cases, complete and total strangers. They see faith lived out in real time under real pressures and circumstances. So God is gently and softly speaking to several who don’t know him, and in the process affirming Robert’s life. I can hear His voice in Heaven saying,”This is my adopted son Robert, in whom I am well pleased. Look at how much I care for him as I do all my children. Won’t you accept my invitation to join our family?” Now that is a real love story.

But it still doesn’t end. Others have stepped up to make a real difference. Like this cause on facebook that has the goal to raise $8,000 for the Keith family by November 21st. This is a wonderful way for you to give Robert a gift for his Birthday. Show your love!


The family and friends of the Keith family are uniting to raise money to help with their expenses~ Please help if you can!!

Harriet and Robert attended a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert for their first date back in 1988. So on Saturday, November 5th, SnT Radio.com is going to spotlight the 1988 Far Away Places album for which the group was out touring when Harriet and Robert had their first date.


1. Humble Yourself

2. No Masquerade

3. Sing Over Me

4. You Are All In All

5. A Tender Heart

6. I Reach Out

7. Fallin’ In On You

8. Maybe Some Other Day

9. Take It To All The World

10. Far Away Places


Bass – Leon Gaer, Lee Jones
Drums – Mike Baird, Jack Kelly, Michael Celenza
Guitar – Marty Walsh, Michael Thompson, Dan Huff
Keyboards – Smitty Price, John Andrew Schreiner
Recorded at Easter Song Studios – Garden Valley Texas, Rosewood Studios – Tyler, Texas
Engineers – Greg Hunt, Buck Herring
Cover Concept – Buddy Owens and Bradley Grose
Photography – Mark Engbrecht
Set Direction and Design – Buddy Owens
Art Direction and Design – Bradley Grose
Produced by – Buck Herring
Special Thanks – Smitty Price for helping with the mix, our Families, our Friends and our Garden Velley Ministry Associates for their much needed prayers and support.

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2nd Chapter of Acts Spotlight Songlist for August 13, 2011

The 2nd Chapter of Acts Playlist for Saturday August 13, 2011

1. Hey Whatcha Say from How The West Was Won

2. Morning Comes When You Call from How The West Was Won

3. Jesus Is Single

4. Til The Walls Come Down from Live with The Omartians

5. Mansion Builder from Live with The Omartians

6. Humble Yourself from Faraway Places

7. Lookin’ At God’s Son Single

8. Prince Song from To The Bride

9. Night Light from Night Light

10. I Fall In Love/Change from With Footnotes

11. Which Way the Wind Blows from With Footnotes

12. Denomination Blues from To The Bride

13. I’m So Happy Single

14. Bread of Life from Rejoice

15. The Devil’s Lost Again from With Footnotes

16. Make My Life A Prayer To You from Mansion Builder

17. Mountain Tops from Mansion Builder

18. Takin’ The Easy Way from Twenty 1972 – 1992

19. Easter Song from With Footnotes

20. Psalm 63 from In the Volume of the Book

21. Rejoice from Rejoice

22. Heaven Came to Earth from Rejoice

23. Love, Peace, Joy from To The Bride

24. Yahweh from In the Volume of the Book

SnT Radio.com begins playing one of these songs every hour beginning at 12am Eastern Standard Time on August 13, 2011

To listen log on: http://www.sntradio.com

James Burkhardt
SnT Radio.com