Speak Up and Be Counted.

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

So goes the Adlai Steveson adaption of an ancient Chinese proverb from an address he gave to the United Nations General Assembly in 1962. Darkness is growing and it’s time to light a candle by finding our collective voice, speak up and be counted in the national debate. But do so with love, mercy, and compassion or else risk being identified as a “hater” or even worse, as a terrorist.

Have you seen the video by Lisa Haven that reported FBI of recruiting Pastors and ministry leaders to report “suspicious behavior” in a manner like social workers and nurses do to report cases of neglect and physical abuse? Even so, it is time for Believers to rise up as one with unity and speak up for the Biblical principles and core family values that shaped moral standards in America until the 1960’s. My assessment is that it’s now or never. We can no longer remain silent because chaos will be our harvest if silence is what is sown, especially if we get more laws like the bathroom brouhaha (Can you imagine the treatment Steve Taylor could give this concept?) that is based strictly on a subjectivity that is designed to make people feel comfortable rather than objective laws designed to make people safe.  Kudos to Texas and North Carolina for speaking up.

I know it has been a while since my last blog, but some health issues and a hospital stay interrupted my life. Now we’re back on track and rarin’ help you speak up and be counted. The forced respite gave me plenty of time to think ahead and ask, “what if?” As a result, I had a major “aha” moment when I seriously pondered how to make SnTRadio.com the best Internet radio destination ever.

So we decided to give our listeners the opportunity to speak up and be counted… first in social media and eventually on-the-air.

We began by launching relevant and new pages on Facebook like VIEW FROM THE WALL with Greg Polla and adding the daily devotional MORNING MANNA to our SnTRadio.com fan page to spark conversation and provide valuable content designed to make you think. This is just the beginning. New high-touch programs are in development and will come to light in the Fall of 2016 providing for the truth to be told and hurting people to be helped.  Plus, SnT will make the act of listening, even more, fun and personal.

Thanks for allowing me to speak up and be counted. Now it’s your turn. Please share your comments below.

James Kevin Burkhardt



I Have Never Revealed This Personal Fact Before

Over the weekend, a story came out of Texas about a son and his pastor who agreed in prayer that the boy’s father would not stay dead and within 45 minutes the man’s body came back to life. That man is now walking on the earth, fully alive with no physical ailments from the heart attack and CPR. Many are hailing this a miracle.  I  agree but what stands out to me is the principle of persist, prevailing prayer of faith. That is what I believe in. Not familiar with that concept? Then google Paul Billheimer’s classic book, Destined For The Throne. Now for the big reveal.

Today is Monday, August 26, 2013. I went to bed last night praying for my wife and just meditating about how good God really is. Right now, I am in the waiting room at the hospital where my wife has a cardiologist conducting a heart cauterization to determine what can be done to improve her blood circulation. This has been her 24th hospitalization since December of 2011 and her time spent in a hospital room is approaching six months.  I arrived this morning with a strangely comfortable sense of deja vu. It’s been quite a journey. The words of a Gody man, Claud Bowers who founded The SuperChannel, a vibrant TV Ministry in Central Florida were ringing in my ears… “James, It takes great faith to found a broadcast ministry.” I can relate… Triple bypass, PE’s, blood clots, an amputation, 4 stents, and lots of tests, pills, I-V’s, rehabs, prescriptions, and constantly praying for favor and provision. It’s been quite the test of faith.

Her heart troubles began just 4 days after we launched SnTRadio.com 24/7 online on Memorial Day 2009. It was a Thursday night and she had spent most of the day resting while I worked in my ProTools studio creating music programming. At that point, I was putting in 14 to 16 hour days culling and sequencing the songs from the past 40 years that would be fit to stream over SnTRadio.com.  During the process where a .wav file is converted into an mp3 called “bouncing” when the computer does all the work, I would go visit with her and check to see how she was feeling. As the evening wore on her chest discomfort was increasing and I grew more concerned but she thought it was bronchitis and kept encouraging me to keep right on going. About Midnight, she was quite white and she said her chest pain was increasing so I said, “Get dressed, we are going to the ER.” The hospital was less than 10 minutes away. When we arrived, she insisted on walking into the ER. I announced that she was having chest pain and could someone get her a wheel chair. Within minutes she had an EKG and afterwards was resting on a bed when the ER doctor asked to speak with me outside the room.

He said, “Your wife has had a major heart attack and needs to be helicoptered to the Cardiac Lab and prepped for open heart surgery. We need to get her there within 20 minutes before her probability for survival diminish. The helicopter will be here in 7 minutes so you have just enough time to say goodbye. Then you need to drive downtown and get to the heart cauterization  lab waiting room. Our top heart specialist and surgeon is getting a team together and they will brief you once you arrive.”  

All I could think was, “I trust you, Lord. I trust you. I pray this not be her time.” Then our wedding vows came back to me, “For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Til death us part.” The Lord then impressed upon me that she was in His hands and that this was not her time. So as I drove the 15 miles to hospital I sang and worshiped and prayed. God’s awesome presence filled the vehicle. Unknown to me at that time was TeriLyn’s experience in the heart lab where she heard still small voice tell her calmly “Just relax and hold on, its going to be a wild ride but everything will be OK.”  Three days later, she walked out of that hospital sans open heart surgery and the doctors scratching their heads saying, “You have exceeded our expectations and we decided to treat you medically”, which is doctor speak for lots of expensive drugs.” She had  a bad heart attack and survived and here is why. 

Before I drove to the hospital in the wee hours of Friday morning, I went back home to post a prayer request on facebook, email all the church friends and SnTRadio.com listeners that I knew across the world and enlist them as prayer warriors on my wife’s behalf. At times like these, one must bombard heaven with prayer. It was something that I learned from hanging with Dr. Edwin Louis Cole at a time when my youngest son was stricken with meningitis as an infant. He was correctly diagnosed at an early stage and healed with some medical assistance. In fact, our pediatrician had been to a seminar the weekend prior which actually trained him on how to correctly identify the various strains of meningitis. and prescribe the correct course of treatment. 

Shortly, after my wife came home,  the SnT Prayer Force was formed and has been a source of strength and comfort for me as we have faced many challenges and roadblocks along the way of establishing SnTRadio.com.  Some people have come and gone but but most of the original members are still there. It is my heart’s desire to create a prayer ministry for our listeners utilizing the Prayer Force but we are still formulating the plan. I believe that prayer is so vital in these troubling days. America needs prayer. The Church needs prayer. We can only advance the Kingdom by prayer. The Lord commands us to pray for our enemies. (My favorite is to ask God to change their hearts and bless them.) I am absolutely convinced that nothing happens in the Kingdom of God until someone prays. So when faced with any situation or circumstance, I try to pray. Its not always my first action but I am trying real hard to respond with prayer before attempting anything else.

So P.U.S.H… Pray Until Something Happens! 

(It did… stent number 5 after being told for the last 10 months that her condition could only be treated medically)

Obama Care and Evidence… Is there enough evidence to convict you, too?

Back in the late 1970’s, Gary S. Paxton, a gifted singer songwriter and producer who before becoming a Christian created the Top 40 novelty hits, “Alley Oop” and “Monster Mash”.  On his second Christian album, More Of The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible Unbelievable Gary S. Paxton, there’s “Evidence,”  a song which asks, “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” He certainly wasn’t the first individual to issue that challenge. Rev. Billy Graham frequently used that line of thought in his crusade sermons. Now, with Obama Care becoming the law of the land, many notable ministries, schools, and companies with a Biblical worldview are going to court to face the charge, “Are you Christian enough.”  The chorus rails on: “Evidence, evidence… does your life show enough evidence?” This is a question worth serious consideration by both individuals, ministries and corporations because the whole world is watching very closely. This is definitely the time to stand up and be counted as “Christ-like”.

Recently, Tyndale House Publishers, who over the years have printed and distributed millions of copies of The Living Bible and the New Living Translation (NLT) worldwide had the distinction of being among the first to challenge the directive in the Obama Care Health Act to provide contraceptive and abortion care for their employees after the government first ruled that “the company wasn’t Christian enough”.  Many in-kind challengers are being notified of this same status which is basically a call to “prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” in a court of law which all comes down to “evidence”. So Tyndale House Publishers went to court to prove otherwise, as will many more to follow. And just days ago, the court ruled in their favor on the appeal.

Last summer, I had the privilege to interview Mark Taylor, current President and son of Dr. Kenneth Taylor, founder of Tyndale House Publishers about the historic 50th Anniversary of the company. You can listen to this fascinating and insightful 20 minute discussion here: http://www.sntradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Mark-Taylor.mp3

Plus, as you’re on the Podcast page – take a look and give a listen to some of the other timely interviews and see if any of the books or CD’s are products you might deem worthy to give as gifts this Christmas. My list of Top Picks for 2012 will be posted in this weekend’s blog.

In the interest of full disclosure, my first job out of college in 1976 was managing a Christian Bookstore owned by Tyndale House Publishers in the western suburbs of Chicago. It was a wonderful experience and I have many fond memories of my time there.  And I know that Dr. Taylor is pleased that Tyndale House has been found “guilty” of being “Christian”, enough so that both the courts and US Government has recognized this fact about the “world-changing” and innovative company he so humbly founded on a kitchen table back in 1962.

A shameless plug – the Twelve Day of Keeping Christ in Christmas Music on SnT Radio.com begins Wednesday, December 12th and is presented by CILOA, the international ministry of encouragement and hope.

Our Constitution Rocks and so does this election’s Presidential Choices: Mormon or Muslim?

It’s the Friday morning after the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. I’ve waited until now to write this blog in the American spirit of fairness to both sides. But I cannot deny my inner urging as a former talk show host at a conservative radio station in Central Florida to speak my mind and exercise my right to free speech. But within the guidelines of keeping SnT Radio.com as politically neutral as possible and trying to give equal time as was the rule when I operated stations under FCC licenses. That being said, I have something relevant to say to the followers of Jesus who are participating in this election process. First, my hope is that these past ten days serve to positively affect the level of political debate in this great land of ours. That’s right, I said ours. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian or whatever, this land is our land… and God’s because the whole earth is His anyway. So let’s express ourselves with love and not hate as the ambassadors of the Kingdom that we are.

One strong recommendation that I will make right now is before you vote in November,  get a copy of Our Constitution Rocks! written by 14 year old Juliette Turner and read it aloud with your spouse and family. It is one of the most clear renderings of the Constitution that I have ever read, even if the language is in the vernacular of today’s young adults and teens. Everyone needs to remind themselves of the “law of the land” and understand their rights as citizens of these United States of America. My hope is that after you read this book, a renewed sense of respect will enter into the nature of the current political debate. If you want to know more about Our Constitution Rocks! check out the SnT podcast interview.  Ms. Turner’s youthful exurberance will bring a smile to your face and give you hope for America’s future as you listen to her share. BTW, her mother is actress and talkshow host Janine Turner. To listen now, click on this link: http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts

Now it’s crunch time as next up will be the three Presidential Debates and seemingly endless TV and radio commercials thanks to the huge response to fundraising efforts on both sides. I expect to see a tightly coached effort by both candidates. There is just too much on the line during September and October to leave anything to chance Only Ronald Reagan was spontaneous because he knew the value of a great one-liner and hung out with some of the most creative talkers ever in Hollywood. I really don’t see that same quality in either Presidential candidate. So the choice will be made on your decision as to who will be the better leader based upon their ideas and future plans for America. Which is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted to see happen.

Most of my life I confess to being an amateur political junkie. I absolutely loved the show, “The West Wing” in principle because while the writing espoused a certain agenda, it showed the process and the human elements of politics that many people don’t ever see. The root cause for this can be traced back to growing up in Chicago during the 1960’s. I can remember watching the Kennedy-Nixon debates as a 6 year old boy and asking a lot of questions. My Democrat leaning Mom would usually cancel out my Republican father’s vote in nearly every election I can remember. My older brother was a Political Science major in college and we had lots of animated conversations about politics. My uncle was a Humphrey Democrat who worked for the Democratic Party Cook County Illinois. So I grew up hearing both sides of the political spectrum during the Civil Rights and Viet Nam War era. Our holiday gatherings as a family were always punctuated with a vigorous exchange of ideas. Somehow, I managed to stay independent.

That leads me to say as gently and succintly as I can to my fellow followers of Jesus… my strong belief is that what is going to transpire on the earth during the next 25 to 30 years will not be affected nor avoided by this election because G-d’s plans for  America, all  the nations of the earth and all mankind are coming to a head. There will soon be a clear choice between G-d’s Son and Satan’s imposter. Are we in the beginning of the end of days? Will 2012 signal the end of times (but not be the “end of time”) ? Quite possibly because G-d’s prophetic clock is ticking very loudly and I believe we are on the verge of some unalterable and unavoidable events. These things must come upon the earth. The Book of  Daniel in Chapters 2,7,8,9, and 11  plus Revelation 13: 1 – 17 speaks about economic consolidation and  the establishment of a ten nation One World government is near. Are you aware the UN has the whole earth is divided into ten zones? Am I spouting crazy conspiracy theories, No! I am merely suggesting that God’s plan for the Ages is rapidly coming to a close and the Return of Jesus Christ as Ruler of the Earth is near. The Bible says that the time of Jacob’s Trouble must come. It’s not a pretty sight but even so, “Come Lord Jesus”. It’s all written down in the Holy Scriptures.

I believe that a man’s religious beliefs should never be a “trump card” that either qualifies or disqualifies a man to lead. America has never been a theocracy, only Israel can claim that. The Bible says the governments of the earth are ultimately established by G-D. So this year our choice ironically is between a Mormon and a Muslim. My advice is pray and ask your Heavenly Father whom you should vote for. The end of days will come but the good news is that when Jesus returns, He will be here for a thousand years. So yes, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren do have a bright future as the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ approaches. But first comes an extreme and trying time upon the earth. Are you ready?

Can Friendship Mix With Business? I hope so… THE COMPANY may hold the answer.

Author Chuck Graham THE COMPANY

I have a confession of sorts…  a long, long time ago (the mid 1970’s to be honest) I managed a Christian Bookshop owned by Tyndale House Publishers in the western suburbs of Chicago. It was my first job out of college and I absolutely loved it. During my short 4 year career from May 1976 to July 1980 we learned quite a bit about selling Books, Bibles and Christian Music. I think in 1979 I was interviewed by Contemporary Christian Music magazine to share my views about the burgeoning Christian Music market. All I remember was that Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary was on the cover and the word “burgeoning” was in the article title.  I think John Styll, the publisher had heard about me from friends at Word or Sparrow Records. I’ve certainly been blessed with solid business relationships through the years and many from my Christian Bookselling days have lasted for decades.

Which brings me to the question at hand. Can friendship mix with business? In 2010, my friend Chuck Graham, a successful corporate lawyer, mentioned he was writing a book. Now Chuck is an excellent writer as he usually writes a weekly “Note of Encouragement” which is available free by e-mail at http://www.Ciloa.org. Many thousands of individuals from all over the earth read “The Note” every Monday morning plus he had published two other books comprised of a collection of “Notes” that he has written over the past 9 years. I had asked him to keep me updated on this new book’s progress which he did. Then he asked me to read it when the first polished draft was done. (A polished draft is something writers will distribute to friends that represents a work that they are relatively comfortable sharing for feedback purposes.)

I read the pdf pages on our laptop in just two days because I simply could not put it down.  I heartily recommend it for anyone over age 12 because it is a very, very good read. My taste in books are usually non-fiction because I like to learn from others and benefit from their wisdom. After all, they made the mistakes and lived to tell about it. (So I don’t have to repeat them.) Plus, I’m kind of a curious guy who likes discovering the roots of everything that interests me. So for me to be personally enthralled by a fiction book means it must be both stunning, and spectacular. THE COMPANY is all that and more. I can’t wait to see the movie(s) because Chuck has 4 more sequels planned out in order to finish telling the story.

At bare minimum, the story of  THE COMPANY is a real conversation starter. However, it would be unfair to divulge any more about THE COMPANY in this blog,  but Chuck will tell you more if you listen to the podcast of the interview we did in July at the International Christian Retailing Show in Orlando. Just visit http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts and click on the highlighted link for Chuck Graham THE COMPANY. After you do, if you are a fiction lover then you will probably put it on your must read list.  And I hope that you will appreciate the unique opportunity THE COMPANY has as a gift this Holiday season for all your friends and colleagues. It makes an awesome “secret Santa” gift at your workplace.

I may have taken some lines to get to it, but the reason you’re reading this blog is to discover if friendship can mix with business. From my experience, doing business with friends can either be the best experience with stratospheric highs or the absolute worst where a perfectly good friendship gets ruined beyond repair.  In the fall of 2010, a friend and former client (I produced and edited his weekly radio program) asked me to be a partner in a new downtown parking garage venture where the after tax profits would go to start a new church in Central Florida. Throwing caution to the wind despite my wife’s advice, I plunged ahead with the task of negotiating contracts, many meetings with city officials about signage, business licenses, setting up the relationships with business insurance, legal, accounting, and payroll professionals and being a paid advisor for setting all significant company policy. I  believe the initial meeting was early September of 2010 and operations began in mid-December. Despite the business turning a profit from the very first month, I was bought out in mid-April 2011 and the other party and I had a serious breakdown that lasted into March of this year when we finally began  speaking to each other again. The overall business dissolved after about 11 months because the main contract was cancelled under suspicious circumstances.

Now being a bit wiser, I will not go into a business (meaning money changes hands) with friends no matter how much earnings can be made nor how much I love and personally cherish the friend. I will only engage if and only if two criteria are met. 1) A go from the Lord and 2) unbridled passion for and total belief in the project that meets or exceeds that which I have also for my current assignment, which is SnT Radio and SnT-ARK. OK, I know that is somewhat subjective but these principles can be applied in your life. So when you are approached by a friend with a business offer, take time to seriously think it through and examine your motives.  Ask yourself this hard question, “Am I serving God or mammon (money)?”

But that does not mean I won’t help a friend, I just will refuse payment for it now in the vast majority of cases. Even if it personally profits my friend substantially. Will a true friend really expect a referral fee for suggesting a service or prospective business customer to another friend. I understand about protocol and professional courtesy in modern business practice but does that have any place in the Body of Christ where we are called to “love one another” and “serve”? There’s a particular verse about laying down your life for a friend. I don’t believe that it means only physically dying any more than “dying to self” does. It has to do with investing yourself in them and their life at the cost of your time, talent,  treasure and personal will. Jesus didn’t charge us for anything that He did on earth. No, rather He admonished us, “Lay up treasures in Heaven”.

So as opportunities to serve with your friends come in life, please learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to repeat them. The pain of losing any good relationship is not worth any amount of money. You’ll only get 3 to 5 truly good friends in a  lifetime. Don’t roll the dice unless you have very good and non-financial reasons to do so, even if you are qualified to do the work.

Now for the rest of the story… this began innocently when Chuck asked me to submit a quote about “THE COMPANY” that could be used for marketing purposes which I did gladly.  Because of my experience in that field, I had a pretty good idea of the kind of statement that would be most effective and the manner in which it could be used. As it turned out, WinePress the publishing/marketing company, chose it to be used on a bookmark to be given away at the ICRS mentioned above, an event where 5,000 people from all over the world directly involved in the making and distribution of Christian products meet. Honestly, that was an honor and gift straight from the hand of God. Are people who received the bookmark going to listen to SnT Radio.com? Perhaps. More than anything,  it lends credibility to my role as an influence and will register with industry insiders who pay attention to such details. So in my mind, Chuck has already paid it forward and anything I can do to help him get a leg up in the book and film world is only my attempt to balance the books between friends. Even though he’s graciously extended an expanded opportunity to me, all my publishing and film contacts are open and gratis for the advancement of  THE COMPANY by Chuck Graham, a man I am pleased to have as my friend, and dear brother in Christ.  I intend to keep it that way. BTW, this book and film franchise will accomplish everything that  is prophesied on the bookmark. You saw it here first.

Click on the link below to see the bookmark but you may need to shrink it in your browser as it may load in large.

Company Bookmark

A SuperBowl Dream? The WatchWORD Video Bible Kickstarter Campaign… at Halftime

In 1990, Cornerstone Television in Pittsburgh, PA  was a client of a company I led and their Development Director was Jim Fitzgerald. In 1992, he received this Spirit-inspired idea to produce the Bible in an easy to understand English version that one would watch, read and listen to simultaneously… The WatchWORD Video Bible.  Today, it is perfect media to reach everyone in the world who owns a smartphone or tablet.

Over the past 20 years, I have stood with Jim in prayer as he has agonized to complete this massive assignment. Now he has begun a kickstarter campaign to promote the WatchWORD Video Bible in a SuperBowl Ad this February 2013.  many prominent athletes and coaches support this SuperBowl Ads concept, including Tony Dungy. To use a football Knute Rockne film analogy, it’s  Halftime and the chips are down. We’ve got to win this one for the Gipper!

Right now Jim and a videographer have embarked on a road trip to 21 cities for the last 3 weeks of this Kickstarter Campaign. He’s visiting Churches, Ministries, the Media, and Christian owned businesses to generate awareness and financial support. He may even visit Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage on the last stop in San Francisco.  Perhaps even Glen Beck in Dallas. The full itinerary is  below. But more importantly, Here are some links to share.

WatchWORD Video Bible Kickstarter Campaign

This link takes you to the kickstarter page for the WatchWORD Video Bible. I urge you to share this with your church, all your friends and extended family who want to see the Great Commission fulfulled in the next few years.


This link takes you to their YouTube channel where you can experience the WatchWORD Bible personally.


This goes to the main WatchWORD Video Bible website.

ITINERARY: 21 Cities in 21 Days Road Trip to the SuperBowl – please pray for travel protection and complete success. Many Thanks!

July 28th Columbus OH

July 29th Dayton OH

July 30th Indianapolis IN

July 31st Cinncinati OH

August 1 Louisville KY

August 2 Nashville TN

August 3 Memphis TN

August 4 Springfield MO

August 5 St. Louis MO

August 6 Kansas City MO

August 7 Omaha NE

August 8 Wichita KS

August 9 Oklahoma City OK

August 10 Dallas TX

August 11 Dallas TX

August 12 Amarillo TX

August 13 Colorado Springs

August 14 Denver

August 15 Salt Lake City

August 16 Reno

August 17 San Francisco

August 18 Pittsburgh

August 19 Kickstarter Campaign Ends


Our friend’s husband, Robert Keith crossed over from life as we know it and was born into eternal life in the early morning hours today. One of the best perspectives at a time like this is not to commemorate the day one dies, but rather celebrate their birthday into Heaven. This point of view is not my original idea but something I heard Jack Brickhouse, the famed Chicago broadcaster say and I have never forgotten it. That statement can be summed up in one word, HOPE. That is what we Christians called “the blessed hope.”

I have to be honest. As I am writing this blog, I am fighting the urge to preach. But I am compelled to say that the only hope has for receiving eternal life is by faith in the works of Jesus Christ. He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIV  And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms  in Christ  Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God– not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:6-9 NIV

These two scriptures  propose that eternal life, just as life as we know it, is really another gift from God. Our (life) works have absolutely nothing to do with it. The only work that matters is what Jesus accomplished by his life, death and resurrection. God’s grace sent Jesus to die for us so that we could receive the free gift of eternal life just by “having faith” that Jesus is all we need to go to heaven and by inference believing God and His holy word, the Bible.

This is the core message of the Christian faith. It is so simple and uncomplicated that even a child can understand it.

This is the message that fueled the Jesus Movement which began in 1967 – and the music from that era.  We know that Robert Keith embraced the message and the music.  See the Snt Radio Blog from September 3, 2011.  He turned 57 in earth time this past Monday. Today is is birthday in Heaven, where time has no place and there is no disease. In the truest sense, He is free!

As I mentioned in last week’s post, there is a cause on facebook where you can show some love. Robert is survived by his wife Harriet and her son, Gabriel. They are facing some big bills and both were laid off in September of this year. Please share a financial gift in Robert’s memory.

In Robert’s memory, we will be featuring the music from the Robert list on Saturday November 12, 2011


1. Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? by Larry Norman

2. For the Sake of the Call by Steven Curtis Chapman

3. Strong Tower by Kutlass

4. More Power To Ya by Petra

5. Love Broke Thru by Phil Keaggy

6. Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis

7. Beyond Belief by Petra

8. Love Takes Time by Bryan Duncan

9. Ancient of Days by Bob Ayala

10. Shout to the Lord by Darlene Zschech

11. He Reigns by Newsboys

12. He’s Alive by Don Francisco

13. There Is A River by The Gaithers

14. Easter Song by 2nd Chapter of Acts

15. Shine by Newsboys

16. Grave Robber by Petra

17. Destined To Win by DeGarmo & Key

18.Awesome God by Rich Mullins

19. Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crown

SnT Radio.com will play  one song per hour from the above playlist beginning at 12am on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

Thanks for listening to SnT Radio.com. We love keeping this music alive and well. If you have any songs that you’d like to hear, send me an e-mail: songs@sntradio.com

Make sure that you check out the complete SnT Archive list on the SnT Radio.com website: http://www.sntradio.com                            Please Like SnT Radio.com on Facebook or  follow us on Twitter. We love connecting with you.


James Burkhardt, Founder

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