The Response Gets It Right For Revival

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Imagine a meeting consisting of prayers and scripture reading of only 30-second duration.  There are no titles mentioned only first name introductions. The platform mirrors the general population… multi-generational and multicultural. No agendas. No pontification. No self-promotion. Only exalting the name of Jesus. Sound too good to be true and far-fetched? Then you’ll be pleased to learn more about “The Response”.

I recently had the privilege to interview Houstonian Doug Stringer who is organizing these statewide Solemn Assembly events based on a meeting described in Joel 2.  As a result of invitations by sitting Governors, they’ve already held such events in Louisiana, South Carolina and North Carolina and will hold the next one in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, October 24th at the Orange County Convention Center. Admission is free and no offering will be taken. But you must register in advance. Here’s a link to the 14-minute interview:

As most students of Revival history would know, Revival begins with very humble prayer and earnestly asking for God to send the Holy Spirit to move. Scripture promises in Joel 2:28 and again in Acts 2:17 a that in the last days, God will pour out his (Holy) Spirit on all flesh. Many voices have been saying that the “last days” may be upon us. World events are eerily beginning to mirror Biblical descriptions of the last days as recorded in Mathew 24 where Jesus spoke and in the Apostle John’s Book of Revelation.

Speaking of Revival History, this week Dr. Ray Hughes will be leading the 2nd Annual Revival History Symposium from Thursday, October 15th  to Sunday, October 18th in Cartersville, GA at the Rose Lawn Museum, the historic home of  19th Century Evangelist Sam Jones. Here’s the link:  I heartily recommend that you attend this special four-day event. You will be informed, challenged and made ready for bringing revival to your sphere of influence.

So I am quietly excited that someone is finally getting it right in engaging Heaven in asking for a great and world-changing revival  here on earth. One of these days, the great revival will break out somewhere in America as it has in other nations where people have humbled themselves and pray.


James Burkhardt, Founder


A New Twist to an Old Script

Hello again.  Welcome back to my first sntradioblog in over a year. I took some time off to go back to college for an Internet Marketing Masters of Science degree from Full Sail University. Now, with that task completed, I’ll be blogging every week and sharing my thoughts on a variety of subjects including some new album reviews. That is in my writing heritage because I was a music reviewer for Christian Life Magazine (now Charisma) and Christian Bookseller ( a trade magazine) in the early to mid 1980′s.

But this particular blog is about a true first. A film that uses a word-for-word unedited adaptation of the New International Version Gospel of John for its script. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with David Batty, who directed the movie, which is being released on Tuesday, October 6th on DVD and HD Digital by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Here’s the interview link:

Mr. Batty is well-known internationally as a documentary filmmaker, and it is this style of telling a story that really brings The Gospel of John to life. Most documentaries have a narration which describes the on-screen action. This is exactly what this film delivers; the words of the Holy Bible enacted on-screen in an authentic setting and accurate that accurately portrays the scriptural account. The crucifixion scene may be intense for younger and sensitive viewers, but the Dove Foundation did grant its approval “with caution” because of this depiction.

The film was shot in Morocco and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.  One might think that it would be otherwise, but I found this film most compelling to watch and look forward to seeing the other three gospels as they have already been shot and are being edited. It is refreshing to see the Life of Christ lived out on the screen with God’s word as the narrative and no agenda other than authenticity. My biggest takeaway is how well this inspired film, “The Gospel Of John”, tackles one of the impossible characteristics of Jesus for most people to comprehend: that of being fully God and fully human. You will believe.

James Burkhardt, Founder –