COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 19 days and counting.

Its the last day of 2013. So may I speak this blessing to you… “May you reap where you have not sown in 2014”.

Last night I had a heart-to-heart with Randy Stonehill. He called to request a some complimentary tickets for a friend and their party. we ended up talking a bit about the “hard realities” of concert promoting. Like I said before, this is a very risky business. And Central Florida is a very hard place to host any kind of event.  i don’t want to scare you with this next statement but there are certain unChristian spiritual forces at play in Central Florida unlike I’ve seen anywhere else. For the past several decades, no one has been successful at ticketed concerts in Orlando except for a handful of mega-Churches like Northland (Dr. Joel Hunter), and the theme parks Disney Night of Joy and Universal’s Rock the Universe. Both those happen around Labor Day and on the same weekend at the same time forcing a choice of one or the other. So that leaves 51 weeks out of the year for something like the Pioneers of Christian Music Concert series. Should be a piece of cake, right? Well not quite. But first some back story.

I do not wish to appear disparaging but the two main problems here are apathy and busyness. People are either too busy and overloaded with choices to decide to attend or they just don’t care. These attitudes are so prevalent that even free and love offering concerts suffer. So why enter into this arena… well frankly it is time for a change. Someone needs to wake up this slumbering Body of Christ and throw a Holy Ghost Party for them because two spirits are working overtime…. on causes confusion and the other squeezes the life and joy out you resulting in a “why bother” apathy. These spirits have names too, Pythos and Leviathan. The Bible states very clearly that we wrestle  not with flesh and blood but principalities and powers of the air. That’s why we are not to take offense at the human condition of our brothers and sister Christians but rather focus our contempt and spiritual armor on those unclean spirits that influence the actions of others by lies, deception and temptation.

OK. Enough of the sermonizing. One thing that I’ve learned in the past 4 years and 7 months that has been streaming almost 50 years of Christian Music 24/7 worldwide over the internet is it really bugs the enemy of our souls. He can’t stand anything human that smacks of worship and attracts the glory of God because he wants all that worship and praise and obedience to be directed at him and not Jesus and Father Jehovah. So he makes it tough for anyone  or organization no matter how small which is involved in such activity or enterprise. That’s why prayer is so critical. Prayer activates heaven into motion on behalf of the saints doing the work of the Kingdom here on earth. so Pastors,Sunday school teachers, worship teams etc,etc need you to be praying for them. Plus, Christian concert promoters like myself.

Whew. I feel so much better now getting that off my chest. But that is why we move forward. To the Glory of God and with His blessings we shall overcome all that stands in our way of our accomplishing the work He has called us too despite circumstances.

Tomorrow is the first day of 2014. I pray God releases abundant blessing and awesome fulfillment into your life. Remember the church promotion rolls out tomorrow. The best is yet to come! Happy New Year.





COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 20 Days and Counting

Today is Monday, December 30, 2013.

Given the fact that half the country has the week off (or so it seems) today has been a rather productive day. Although i have to admit a twinge of frustration with not being able to get in contact with as many people as I would like. But we managed to get some last minute ads place with CRU at their headquarters and we set up an event page on FaceBook. Boy that’s another detail I think we missed early. Take a look:

The day started with my receiving a quote to send out an email blast to potential concert goers comprised of people that have attended or expressed interest in Christian concerts living in the Central Florida area. They asked me to pay $11.25 per 100 names. I am thinking about it but it was not something i would jump for at.first glance. Just went Hmmmm.

More importantly, I had a chat with a friend who is in the middle of launching a church aimed at Christian Singe. They are moving from having a monthly meeting to a weekly Bible study. Its a work on the cutting-edge and he needed just a bit of encouragement. His concept is pretty radical to reach the singles 18 – 34 and much of the traditional church just doesn’t get the method of outreach. Combine that with a lack of regular donations and its a tough spot. I can related to being regarded as a radical and underfunded so my heart went out to him. I initially called to discuss the 10 FREE TICKETS church program with him but I quickly abandoned that in lieu of the heaviness I heard in his voice. So mostly he talked and I listened and we prayed. Here’s the FaceBook page:

So that’s about it for today. There will be more tomorrow even if it is New Year’s Eve Day. The countdown continues…Image 









COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 23 days and counting.



Today is Saturday, December 28, 2013. Been a rather interesting day. Heard from a church that is registered for the above mentioned contest. They are ready to jump in. Its awesome that the word is spreading throughout FaceBook and around Orlando. Our social media coordinator has spent this week enjoying some time off with his family but Monday is shaping up to be a busy day because preparations are being made for the World Premiere of a groundbreaking Worship double CD on this New Years Day in addition to the kick off of the Church ticket giveaway. There’s still time for your church to enroll. Just go to the SnT FaceBook page for details. I am looking forward to meeting the Pastors and church members interested in helping us reach Central Florida through a concert ministry. It takes a team to fulfill a dream and these precious brethren are key to making this and other planned concerts an effective means of outreach. I might also add that prayer is another critical factor. I liken it to a football game on a sloppy wet and muddy field. The only way forward is to run  the ball. It is slow, hard hitting and every yard comes at physical price. As time wears on the more you become. Prayer is like the Gatorade which refreshes and replenishes strength. Florida football fans get this because Gatorade was used by FSU in a very important game and it proved to be the winning advantage for the Florida State University Gators that day. So even if you can’t make the concert, would you lift it up in prayer? I know that both Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill would love to know that you are praying for them and the event. They are coming to share their talents in an effort to point others to Jesus. Everything else is secondary. 

I also received a quick email from Randy Stonehill. He’s spent the Christmas week in California with his parents and is leaving for South Carolina shortly. Both he and his wife Leslie have made a very positive impression on me. We hope to spend more time in fellowship together when he’s in town  for the January 18th concert. So the hard work to get the word out continues and we are pressing forward to victory in Jesus… More tomorrow.

COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 23 Days and counting



Today is Friday, December 27, 2013.

Heard some rather bad news from one of the bookstores today… no ticket sales yet. Its not really their fault. Back in December, we had to change venues after advertising this event for 3 months at another location. As a result, the print materials had to be updated about six weeks out to reflect our new venue, Faith Christian University. Seems that the poster you see above was never received via email. I thought I had emailed them but apparently I had not so we’ve lost a bit of time and opportunity to sell tickets during the Christmas rush. Big oops and a mistake I will not make again. A lesson learned but we’re moving on.

So the stores now have the new graphic and we hope to do an in-store drawing for a pair of tickets if the respective store management will approve it. 

But that’s not all that happened today. I finally connected with a concert promotion company located in Ohio, Christian Happenings/iTickets. We talked about a direct to concert goer email campaign because has no organized email list of individuals… yet. Sounds crazy I know but we’ve only been collecting names and email addresses of those who log onto our website for a a couple of months. Its growing every day but it is national in scope. Not sure how much use it is at this point for the local concert because the radio spots are driving local listeners to the BUY TICKETS page online. I asked the representative asked for some specific parameters about a Central Florida area list of concert goers and should have an update on Monday.

I also heard from a customer who was elated that I refunded her tickets to an earlier concert that she couldn’t make when the date was changed from late last Spring to this Fall. That is another story, LOL! Now she and three friends are coming to see Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill in January. Offering excellent customer service is always top priority. It did make me smile because she works at a place that is inhabited by hundreds of retired missionaries and money is probably tight for her. 

The to do list is actually growing and its going to be a mad dash to finish this race. Tune in tomorrow for more insights, warts and all.



COUNTDOWN TO A CONCERT; T minus 24 Days and counting



Today is Thursday, December 26, 2013 and time is ticking. Fortunately, the ticket selling website is working perfectly. More tickets have sold today as of this writing and that is a good indication that we shall be successful. Tomorrow I will poll the area Christian bookstores and see how tickets are selling there.For variety’s sake I’ve included the new poster which shows the Matthew Ward Concert scheduled for April 2014. Bulletin size inserts of these will be made available to churches participating in the 10 FREE TICKET giveaway on FaceBook.

Its reaally interesting to see how people are reacting to the preferred seating tickets having been sold out. Before Christmas, we had several phone calls and emails from potential customers from out of state wanting to purchase these prized seats for family as presents and we did our best to make sure these were received by Christmas. So far, so good no complaints. Thankfully, I did not send any out via UPS or FED Ex as both of these package handlers had way more packages to deliver than anticipated. Thousands of people are upset that items were not received in time for that special WOW! moment on Christmas morning. I am thankful we avoided that kind of circumstance. Being a big lover of the “Christmas surprise”, I know I would be upset too if tickets that I purchased as the special gift for a friend or relative didn’t arrive and robbed us both of a good memory.

So the concert is nearly 3 1/2 weeks away and there is lots to be done but most will have to wait until the Holidays pass. Why? Many offices are short staffed and/or closed until; next year which is exactly one week from today. This will make the last 16 – 17 days a mad dash to the finish line. The police need to be notified of a potential traffic bottleneck and steps taken to have enough parking area personnel familiar with the traffic patterns for entrance and exit. Then certain accommodations for the at-the-door ticket sales and advance ticket holders should be finalized. The venue has two entry points so we are designating one for at-the-door sales and the other for in-advance ticket holders. Then there’s a final negotiation with the sound man and his crew.

So the list goes on. I am using the holiday time to make as complete of a list as I possibly can. At this point it is nearly a page and a half long with one item per line. Phil Keaggy has a rather long and detailed rider which must be adhered to… something that we want to do with excellence because we’d like to have him back at another time. All in all, this event is shaping up to be a rather special evening for Christian Music lovers in Central Florida. A set by Randy Stonehill followed by a rare duet performance of Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill doing songs from their MYSTERY HIGHWAY CD. If you were not aware of that CD don’t worry, it is very under-exposed but that is part of the reason we are doing this event. To draw attention to one of the best recordings of these two since they collaborated on Sunday’s Child back in the late 1980’s. Then a solo set by Phil Keaggy that is certain to mesmerize everyone.

More tomorrow… thanks for sharing some time with us. I appreciate you so very much and ask you to pray for this event to be used of God to reach the lost and reconnect others with their first love.




Hope you are having a blessed Christmas today!

Wouldn’t you be surprised if someone didn’t contact us about tickets today. Yep. At 11:25 am I received an email requesting two tickets. They gave a local number but I will call them back tomorrow if they do not respond to the email that I sent in response. Its Christmas Day and the box office is closed. But the online option never sleeps.

You may have noticed that the graphic is different today. We wanted to share with you a Church oriented contest that begins January 1st. There is reason to believe that many fans of Jesus Music aren’t on FaceBook yet but the churches where they attend are. So we are reaching out to Churches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico across the broadest known definition of Central Florida. The winning church will get 10 Preferred Center Stage Seating tickets which have otherwise sold out.  Here’s what we posted on FaceBook to generate participation: 

How would you like for you and 9 other people from your Church to be able to see Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill for FREE!! Starting now we are adding churches who want to be involved in our 10 FREE TICKETS Promotion. 

Once your church has agreed to be apart of the promotion we will make a special POST with your church NAME and or LOGO in the image posted. You and your friends then like the SnT FB page and SHARE that POST. The church with the most shares wins! SO let your church know and have them message us or contact us via the website to get you started. Contest begins Jan 1st.

This is just one more thing one has to do to get the word out about a concert. Today social media networking is more important than ever to the success of a concert promotion. You’d be surprised at how many artist LIKE pages are out there that have fewer than 1000 likes. We are speaking of artists who have sold tens of thousands of albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, and CDs. So if you haven’t, go to, sign up for an account and look for your favorite Christian Artist or Band. They probably have a way for you to acquire your favorite music that is not in stores or commercial release any longer. And while you’re at it, please give a LIKE to on FaceBook. It would be the best Christmas present we could receive.

Here’s the link:

More tomorrow. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. Be blessed.




Tuesday, December 24, 2013.  Merry Christmas Eve Day to you!

Last night after I posted the initial blog, I received an email from a listener in Michigan who was having trouble printing out tickets from the confirmation email she received after her online purchase so she could wrap them up as presents. I responded that we’d contact support in the morning to try and remedy the problem. By 10am EST, the glitch was fixed. I was happy. She was happy and will be in Orlando attending a conference around the Concert date. The internet can be a very cool thing (when it works.) Its a fact that the whole world comes to visit Orlando, especially when it is cold every where else. The snowbirds come in October and stay through March. So planning concerts when they are in town is a good idea… well we are testing that theory right now.

So that is how the day began… by offering good customer service. I made the decision to contact all the internet customers after Christmas to see if anyone else had trouble printing out tickets. They will be our special guests at the event and I want their experience to be as excellent as can be.

The  venue is ideal… a wide stage and about 15 chair rows deep place on a carpet that goes over the wooden fieldhouse floor.  Great line of sight and no support pillars. The sound system can be loud enough at low volumes especially with acoustic guitars. However, access from the main road is a bit tricky so I am having to spend time figuring out how many security people will need to assist the guests in guiding them with ease into the ample parking on site. Fortunately, I once worked for a downtown parking garage on the weekends that directed traffic to their location with guys holding street signs. This is important because Orlando has a reputation for not buying tickets in advance but preferring to show up at the door. I knew of one church that sold a only handful of tickets in advance for a Michael Card concert. Yet on the day of the event, close to 300 showed up and paid at the door. I’m sure that was very nerve wracking for the church staff. However, this  is very common audience behavior in Orlando so it is on me to insure those last minute patrons can easily find the door unless we completely sell out which with Phil Keaggy and only about 550 floor seats is a distinct possibilty. Bleachers for last minute overflow can seat another 50 persons.

We do have 200 seats available in two Christian Bookstore locations. On Thursday we’ll contact them to see how many are left.

There are more problems to solve as the event draws closer. Stayed tuned for the new blog tomorrow 

From our family to yours… Have a Blessed Christmas!