It’s your Birthday Billy Graham… so why are you giving a present to America?

ImageThis Thursday, November 7th is Dr. Billy Graham’s 95th birthday. That is a milestone by any standard¬† What makes this even more remarkable is on that day, Dr. Graham is sharing what may well be his last message to this nation in a most unique fashion that combines traditional broadcasting with new media,

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has produced 4 different broadcast specials and is making them available on DVD or video download including one in Spanish. The flagship special, “The Cross” will be broadcast nationally on various TV stations Thursday Night, November 7th. An army of over 200,000 have signed up to invite family, friends, and neighbors into their homes for a time of food and sharing as they watch on DVD or video download. Plus over 25,000 churches are preparing to open up their buildings to their communities and share in this My Hope America project. There is even a youth oriented special that has a look, sound and feel to reach the younger generation who can access it via computers, tablets and smartphones. How cool and cutting edge is that.

There are now three generations of passionate preachers in the Graham clan including son Franklin and grandson William the legacy has plenty of future ahead. In fact, it was Franklin Graham who chose his father’s 95th Birthday as the date to present the message of My Hope America to the United States. The nature and scope of My Hope America is all inclusive to reach all people living in America. And your part is as simple as plug and play. The strategy is patterned¬† after the disciple Mathew, who just a few days after obeying the call to follow Jesus threw a dinner party for his friends and Jesus himself came and shared the Good News with everyone who attended. It was effective then and will most certainly be effective in 2013.

Recently I had a delightful conversation with Bill Conard, Executive Director of My Hope America and you can listen to the complete podcast here: Its under ten minutes and gives you a comprehensive overview of the My Hope America project. Plus, I highly recommend visiting the website where you can down load the video files or order the 4 DVD’s (you pay only for shipping) and follow up materials. If you prefer, you can call them toll free 877-769-4673.

On Thursday, November 7th, after singing Happy Birthday, I for one am joining in the sentiment expressed by Pat Boone as he sang in last year’s popular song that hit #1 on SnT, “Thank you Billy Graham”.¬† Won’t you join me, too?