My Plea For Bible Believers To Align With the LGBT Community Against Bullying

ImageI hope you are familiar with the saying, “Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.”  During World War II, a Lutheran Pastor living in Germany by the name of Dietrich Bonhoeffer expressly warned of the oppression of his Jewish neighbors by the Nazi regime. His protests went unheeded by the Church at large and in the end, he was executed on April 9, 1945 in the Flossenburg concentration camp for his beliefs and a role in the resistance against Hitler. If he were alive today, chances are he would be loudly speaking up on similar moral grounds against bullying.

Now there is not enough space to get into too much of Bonhoeffer’s theology, some of which I disagree with like “Christian supersessionism” which can be recognized today as a form of “replacement theology”.  I personally believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people and am unashamedly pro-Israel. But all that is for another blog.

This blog’s main point is simply that we as Bible believers now have some real common ground with the LGBT community in our Christ mandated role as “peacemakers” and should fight alongside them against bullying while there is time and opportunity to do so just as a courageous Bonhoeffer did to rally against a persecution and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population in his day. Who knows for sure but Faith-based activity could be next on the bully’s list.  Any parent or grandparent with a family member in middle school, high school or college knows all about the bullying issue. It is real and very serious.

Perhaps you were expecting to see a picture of Ted Haggard, the Pastor who fell from heterosexual grace and after repenting of his sin now has a credible ministry to those in the gay community. God is in the redemption business. He always uses an effective messenger to reach the unredeemed, and in fact, became a human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth that He would become the savior of all humankind. We as the Church of Jesus Christ are called to be His ambassadors and Peacemakers. To stop bullying is the same as keeping the peace.  Of what significance is it to only love those who are “lovable” socially? Even the worldly do that. What has always been the strongest testimony to others is the act of showing uncompromising Christian love in the face of viciousness and hate. Isn’t that what lies at the root of bullying… a human’s heart filled with vicious hate?

I do not believe one must advocate a LGBT lifestyle to be anti-bullying.  Recently, a couple of fellow musicians whom I worked and worshiped with were removed from the worship team at my church for their lifestyle choices. I pray very diligently for them. The Bible clearly ascribes “abomination”  to the practice of homosexuality and it is clearly condemned in Leviticus 18:22  But it is long overdue for Bible believers to walk into the open closet door and get a better understanding of those trapped in there. By the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, a person can change from homosexual into holiness in an instant. I have seen it firsthand and the man just married the woman of his dreams last month. Now they share work in an active church ministry together.

But beware because not all homosexual groups are alike. Some are well organized, well financed and politically connected but militant  whose ways and means will not mix well with any Christian outreach. But that should not deter a simple grass roots alliance with the vast majority to work together towards preventing a racist hate crime against individuals for their beliefs. “All it takes for evil to prevail in this world is for good men to do nothing.”  And like Bonhoeffer, we Bible believers may fall victim to bullies next if we do not act now. 

Please take the poll that follows.  Many thanks, James Burkhardt


4 thoughts on “My Plea For Bible Believers To Align With the LGBT Community Against Bullying

  1. this is a lovely idea. But, it seems the LGBT is one of the biggest bullies against Christians. Look at the news stories of photographers, bakers, B&B owners etc. How can two groups be united when they are essentially fighting against each other?


  2. I am against bullying of all kinds – always have been. That’s how I ended up with a gay best friend in high school – I couldn’t stand to see him picked on and I became his defender. Still never liked what he did, though.
    That being said, I must say that the world is very different now. And, like the comment above, I find that I am the victim of what was once a small minority. No one can say I discriminate against gay people…the truth is, I have no “gaydar”….unless they’re having sex right in front of me I usually can’t tell. But with few exceptions, when I find I am being treated discourteously, or abusively, or unfairly, particularly in the work place…..their is a gay person perpetrating it. I believe that Christians also, need to be protected against bullying.
    I agree that Christians should be against bullying. Period. Let’s take the sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and whatever else there is – out of it. No bullying. Period.
    (Jim are you trying to start a war?)


  3. Wow, a very difficult subject – especially for me. Let me start by saying that I think bullying is rooted in insecurity. We fear weakness, so we bluster and fake our way into intimidating others to make ourselves feel better. As Christians, there should be no need either for bullying or being bullied, because we have a power others know not of. We already understand that the One who is in us is greater than the one (or than anyone) in the world. Darkness never really overcomes the light because darkness is literally nothing and light will always dispel it. That’s why I just reject in general the idea that we as Christian are “bullied.” We are certainly persecuted, but not destroyed…and you know the rest of that verse. I believe that we, as the ones with true power, can use that power and our light to bring the peace that passes all understanding to anyone who has been hurt, bullied, or, worse yet, left out of the gospel. I had a friend at work who was adamantly committed to being a Wiccan. I tried to meet her on her own ground. For instance, when leaving for the holiday vacation, I’d say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a wonderful winter solstice. Just that little bit of reaching out made it so that when it turned out to my horror that she had a terrible drug addiction, I was the only one she reached out to for help. We do stand with the weaker and wounded because we have real strength and healing to offer them.


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