I Have Never Revealed This Personal Fact Before

Over the weekend, a story came out of Texas about a son and his pastor who agreed in prayer that the boy’s father would not stay dead and within 45 minutes the man’s body came back to life. That man is now walking on the earth, fully alive with no physical ailments from the heart attack and CPR. Many are hailing this a miracle.  I  agree but what stands out to me is the principle of persist, prevailing prayer of faith. That is what I believe in. Not familiar with that concept? Then google Paul Billheimer’s classic book, Destined For The Throne. Now for the big reveal.

Today is Monday, August 26, 2013. I went to bed last night praying for my wife and just meditating about how good God really is. Right now, I am in the waiting room at the hospital where my wife has a cardiologist conducting a heart cauterization to determine what can be done to improve her blood circulation. This has been her 24th hospitalization since December of 2011 and her time spent in a hospital room is approaching six months.  I arrived this morning with a strangely comfortable sense of deja vu. It’s been quite a journey. The words of a Gody man, Claud Bowers who founded The SuperChannel, a vibrant TV Ministry in Central Florida were ringing in my ears… “James, It takes great faith to found a broadcast ministry.” I can relate… Triple bypass, PE’s, blood clots, an amputation, 4 stents, and lots of tests, pills, I-V’s, rehabs, prescriptions, and constantly praying for favor and provision. It’s been quite the test of faith.

Her heart troubles began just 4 days after we launched SnTRadio.com 24/7 online on Memorial Day 2009. It was a Thursday night and she had spent most of the day resting while I worked in my ProTools studio creating music programming. At that point, I was putting in 14 to 16 hour days culling and sequencing the songs from the past 40 years that would be fit to stream over SnTRadio.com.  During the process where a .wav file is converted into an mp3 called “bouncing” when the computer does all the work, I would go visit with her and check to see how she was feeling. As the evening wore on her chest discomfort was increasing and I grew more concerned but she thought it was bronchitis and kept encouraging me to keep right on going. About Midnight, she was quite white and she said her chest pain was increasing so I said, “Get dressed, we are going to the ER.” The hospital was less than 10 minutes away. When we arrived, she insisted on walking into the ER. I announced that she was having chest pain and could someone get her a wheel chair. Within minutes she had an EKG and afterwards was resting on a bed when the ER doctor asked to speak with me outside the room.

He said, “Your wife has had a major heart attack and needs to be helicoptered to the Cardiac Lab and prepped for open heart surgery. We need to get her there within 20 minutes before her probability for survival diminish. The helicopter will be here in 7 minutes so you have just enough time to say goodbye. Then you need to drive downtown and get to the heart cauterization  lab waiting room. Our top heart specialist and surgeon is getting a team together and they will brief you once you arrive.”  

All I could think was, “I trust you, Lord. I trust you. I pray this not be her time.” Then our wedding vows came back to me, “For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Til death us part.” The Lord then impressed upon me that she was in His hands and that this was not her time. So as I drove the 15 miles to hospital I sang and worshiped and prayed. God’s awesome presence filled the vehicle. Unknown to me at that time was TeriLyn’s experience in the heart lab where she heard still small voice tell her calmly “Just relax and hold on, its going to be a wild ride but everything will be OK.”  Three days later, she walked out of that hospital sans open heart surgery and the doctors scratching their heads saying, “You have exceeded our expectations and we decided to treat you medically”, which is doctor speak for lots of expensive drugs.” She had  a bad heart attack and survived and here is why. 

Before I drove to the hospital in the wee hours of Friday morning, I went back home to post a prayer request on facebook, email all the church friends and SnTRadio.com listeners that I knew across the world and enlist them as prayer warriors on my wife’s behalf. At times like these, one must bombard heaven with prayer. It was something that I learned from hanging with Dr. Edwin Louis Cole at a time when my youngest son was stricken with meningitis as an infant. He was correctly diagnosed at an early stage and healed with some medical assistance. In fact, our pediatrician had been to a seminar the weekend prior which actually trained him on how to correctly identify the various strains of meningitis. and prescribe the correct course of treatment. 

Shortly, after my wife came home,  the SnT Prayer Force was formed and has been a source of strength and comfort for me as we have faced many challenges and roadblocks along the way of establishing SnTRadio.com.  Some people have come and gone but but most of the original members are still there. It is my heart’s desire to create a prayer ministry for our listeners utilizing the Prayer Force but we are still formulating the plan. I believe that prayer is so vital in these troubling days. America needs prayer. The Church needs prayer. We can only advance the Kingdom by prayer. The Lord commands us to pray for our enemies. (My favorite is to ask God to change their hearts and bless them.) I am absolutely convinced that nothing happens in the Kingdom of God until someone prays. So when faced with any situation or circumstance, I try to pray. Its not always my first action but I am trying real hard to respond with prayer before attempting anything else.

So P.U.S.H… Pray Until Something Happens! 

(It did… stent number 5 after being told for the last 10 months that her condition could only be treated medically)


THE ENDTIMES HAVE BEGUN (according to my friend James Fitzgerald, who has written THE 9/11 PROPHECY: STARTLING EVIDENCE THE ENDTIMES HAVE BEGUN

ImageI’ve known Jim Fitzgerald for nearly 25 years and serve on the Board of Directors for his nonprofit organization, WatchWORD Worldwide. He is a very humble and a man of Godly character whose reputation is above reproach. His personal testimony is contained in this book that will be sparking a lot of discussion in the weeks and months to come. I hope the controversy does not overshadow the incredible backstory of his journey as creator of the groundbreaking WatchWORD Bible. It’s a lifestory worthy of the heroes like William Tyndale, that have gone before him who struggled and suffered to bring forth the Word of God to reach their generation. As you read the book, you will come to understand that despite having millions of dollars pass through their hands in order to produce the WatchWORD Bible, Jim and his wife Betty have lived an extraordinarily modest and humble lifestyle of total obedience to the call that God has put on their lives. They have persevered  for two decades to fulfill this vision despite having many opportunities and just as many reasons to quit. Against the odds, The WatchWORD Bible came to life at a time that streaming video on handheld smartphones and tablets by everyone on the planet is the new norm. The technology used to make reaching the world through the internet was barely a dream on the drawing board when God inspired him with the concept. Like “The Living Bible” was to the Jesus Movement, The WatchWORD Bible is a bible that will reach and feed millions of those to come into the Kingdom as fruit of the last harvest before Jesus Christ returns to the earth.  And along with the awesome WatchWORD Bible has come this exciting 9/11 Prophecy.

So my opinion is this is precisely the kind of man whom God would choose to give such an important and historical prophetic word which in my mind lends even more credibility to the astonishing proclamation.  The book is officially released on Tuesday August 20th but according to Amazon, it is already a bestseller. I encourage you to get a copy, read it and encourage your friends and family to do the same quickly… as time really is of the essence.


James Burkhardt


You can listen to the SnT Podcast of my 40 minute in depth interview with Jim Fitzgerald at http://www.sntradio.com/podcasts/jim-fitzgerald/

Classic Christian Music: Re-living the past or reinventing the future?

“Back to the future.” What a concept! But a truism because everything in the future is affected by that which has gone before. Solomon said it best… “There is nothing new under the sun.” Before you read on, I must divulge that John Wesley and many others had no problem putting Christian lyrics to the popular “bar songs” sung in pubs at the time then used in Sunday worship services. After all, “Why should the devil have all the good music?” Like it or not, everything created is ultimately created for God’s glory!

In the late 1960’s, a Holy Spirit inspired move dubbed by the media as ” The Jesus Movement” swept across America from Southern California. One of the blessings from this was what became known as Contemporary Christian Music. Basically the rock beat from the 50’s and 60’s were combined with scripture based lyrics about God’s love and Jesus and a whole generation of young people searching for the truth embraced the claims of Jesus Christ and a Christian worldview. Songs and bands influenced by the popular sounds created by The Beatles, The Byrds and the Beach Boys now conveyed evangelistic messages, Bible stories, and Jesus’ teachings.

This modern or “contemporary”  music was accompanied by the mass distribution of a new “paraphrased” version of Holy Scriptures called The Living Bible expressed the eternal truths of God’s Word in a way they could easily relate to because it read just like people talked. The Bible became both relevant and understandable. So there was a revolutionary one-two punch combination of pure, heartfelt Worship with God’s Word that would affect the USA as never before for decades to  come.

For example, the very first Jesus Festival, EXPLO ’72 was held in 1972 at Dallas, TX, Record labels devoted to this new sound like Myrrh, Maranatha, and Light sprouted up to feed the growing appetite of new believer’s who wanted to share this music in the hope that their friends and family would “get saved”. Groups like Children of the Day, Love Song, Andrae’ Crouch and the Disciples, the 2nd Chapter of Acts, and soloists Barry McGuire, Honeytree, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill and Randy Matthews were the very first Pioneers. 

In the new decade of the 1970’s very talented players and songwriters with secular label connections and contracts like Phil Keaggy, Keith Green,  and Mylon LeFevre were discovered and recorded ground-breaking Christian projects. The UK caught the wave and gave us Malcolm and Alwyn, Dave Pope, and John Pantry. Former popstar Cliff Richard reponded to the invitation at a Billy Graham Crusade. USA pop charting artists like Noel Paul Stookey, (the Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary), Tommy James, Denny Correll (Blues Image) and BJ Thomas all had life changing encounters with Jesus and made outstanding Contemporary Christian Music. A brave journalist in Laguna Hills CA,  John Styll, created a Christian version of Rolling Stone called Contemporary Christian Music which was distributed and sold coast-to-coast. You would now know it as CCM Magazine. High energy Christian Rock in the style of blues based rock bands like Led Zepplin, KISS, and Grand Funk Railroad made their first appearance namely Chicago’s Resurrection Band, the Darrell Mansfield Band and Petra. In the church world, a National Charismatic Conference was held in Kansas City. A few years later, the very first conference on World Evangelism was held  in Switzerland. The stage was being set to fulfill the Great Commission by 2000.

The 1980’s saw even more chart topping mainstream artists like Bob Dylan, Dion, Johnny Rivers, Little Anthony, and former Wings drummer Joe English embrace Christianity. CBS Records launched a Christian Music label, “Priority” which put their far-reaching radio promotion prowess to work in the Christian Music world. Christian Bands like DeGarmo and Key, Daniel Amos, and Servant pushed the musical envelope  even further. The first commercial based, all Christian Music radio station in a major market, KBRT-AM went on the air in Los Angeles, CA. Christian Music concerts and festivals moved into stadiums and rivaled their mainstream counterparts. 

Then in the 1988, secular corporations with stockholders to please began to buy up many Christian labels and publishing houses. Their bean counters took over and what began as a move of God to reach a generation became “an industry”. Did the Church led by the baby-boomers succumb to gluttony, greed and pride? Is this seeker friendly frenzy transforming into the Church mentioned in the book of Revelation at the end of the age? Are we at risk for the judgement of God? I pray not.

It is now past the midpoint of 2013 and after 25 years of prayer and seeking God, a new generation is crying out to God for genuine relationship with Him. Modern day Apostles and Prophets declare that the winds of revival are beginning to blow. The Church is being called to awaken. The prayer movement is conjoining with the missions movement. The underground church in China is flourishing. Revival has overrun Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia. Radical Islamists worldwide are martyring Christians in jihad. Their blood is crying out, “How long?” 

Now a new generation of musicians are singing with a new sound from Heaven to reach the millennials and the next generation to come. The internet, social media and technology can make reaching the world a reality in a single click of a mouse. One day, this music will also be renamed something like Classic Christian Music 2.0. My hope is that they learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them.