Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert.

One of the characteristics I like most about music is that it has the wonderful quality to bring people together. Maybe its the melody or the lyrics but human relationships do become possible through musical connections. Plus, there’s the spiritual aspect of music where listening becomes a transforming experience drawing one closer to the Creator and maker of our hearts.

This Saturday, September 3rd at Noon something special will occur… music streamed over the internet will bring a fellow human being confronting his mortality in a hospice care some joy because he’s picked all his favorite songs. And he’s a complete stranger to me as we’ve never physically met but we know each other through the music.

Do I have your attention now?

I have been given a list of Robert Keith’s favorite Contemporary Christian and Gospel songs. And I will play as many as I can just for him beginning at Noon EST this Saturday on SnT Radio.com. http://www.sntradio.com.

You would too if you could… if for no other reason than to show love, compassion, and mercy to one in need. My reason is this is a prime opportunity for a call to prayer. The most effective prayer is a completely unselfish prayer. It is called” intercession”. Intercession is also fairly easy to do… pray for someone other than yourself. Pray for something outside what you want or need. In essence that is what an intercessor does. Won’t you try it this Saturday and pray?

Pray for Robert Keith and his family at this time. They need your prayers. This kind of transition is inevitable for all of us. We all will be in that place where he finds himself one day. So as you pray for Robert, remember to pray your loved ones, too.

You see, behind the scenes at SnT Radio is a special group of people I affectionately call the SnT Prayer Force. Robert’s wife is one of those very special persons who has agreed to pray for me and SnT Radio. No questions asked. Just devotion to prayer when requested. So here’s my chance to return the favor in kind.

I have long held the belief that “nothing happens until somebody prays“. Prayer does change things. If we all pray for Robert Keith between Noon and 2pm on Saturday, September 3, 2011 I know something special will happen as we listen to his favorite music. We will experience unity. Unity of spirit. Unity of mind. Unity of purpose. The world will know we are Christians by our love. Here’s a practical way to demonstrate that.

That’s right, we will “get together”. Pretty cool, huh? From our lips to God’s ear in Heaven’s throne room.

So let’s not keep this to ourselves… please share this blog with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. For Robert’s sake, I hope this goes viral.

Please leave a thought for Robert and the family in the comments area below. I’ll make sure they receive them.

So Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert. God bless you brother. I am fervently praying for you.

James Burkhardt
SnT Radio.com

2 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again Robert.

  1. To Robert and his family.
    May you all be covered by the Blood of the Lamb and filled with his love and grace at this time and I know you will gain strength because Jesus gives us all the strength we need to deal with each day and until we all meet before our Lord when we leave our camp site and travel home I give you my love.
    Richard Yass Autralia


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