Petra (Part Two) Songlist for Saturday August 27, 2011 plus Album Art


SnT Petra (Part Two) SONGLIST

1. Creed from Beyond Belief

2. I Am On The Rock from Beyond Belief

3. Love from Beyond Belief

4. Prayer from Beyond Belief

5. Underground from Beyond Belief

6. Shakin’ the House from Back To The Street

7. Thankful Heart from Back To The Street

8. Whole World from Back To The Street

9. King’s Ransom from Back To The Street

10. Back To The Street from Back To The Street

11. Get On Your Knees and Fight Like A Man from This Means War

12. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered from This Means War

13. Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened from This Means War

14. I Am Available from This Means War

15. Enter In from No Doubt

16. Right Place from No Doubt

17. Sincerely Yours from No Doubt

18. No Doubt from No Doubt

19. We Exalt Thee from The Rock Cries Out

20. Salvation Belongs To Our God from The Rock Cries Out

21.We Hold Our Hearts Out To You from No Doubt

22. Seen and Not Heard from Beyond Belief

23. Let Everything That Hath Breath from Back To The Rock

SnT will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, August 27, 2011.

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James Burkhardt


Petra (Part One) Songlist for Saturday August 20, 2011

As I scoured the vast SnT Archive for the best Petra songs, I made an executive decision. They have so many that Petra is the first band to warrant a two part, back-to-back weekend spotlight on SnT
Petra has a number of other more significant firsts. Like the first Christian Band to be enshrined in Hard Rock Cafe. Another from the year 2000 is being the first Christian Rock Band inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

The Part 1 dividing line is 1986, the end of the Greg Volz front man era. Next week we will pick up with John Schlitt and the Back To The Street album. Any comparisons to the Van Halen
saga are purely coincidental. But I digress. The very first time I saw Petra was in the summer of 1973 or ’74 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, Wheaton IL and they were supposed to open for Mason Proffit.

Ok, I was there to see Mason Profitt but as a Christian, I was pleasantly surprised to have Terry Talbot step forward before the proceedings to announce the promoter had grossly misrepresented the event on
the radio and that he was there strictly as a soloist sans Mason Profitt. He’d become a Christian and that anyone who didn’t want to hear songs that night about Jesus could get a full refund at the box office.
About two dozen folks got up and left complaining loudly. Then he introduced Petra. The song I remember most from that night was “Backslidin’ Blues.” It was a 15 minute jam that really cooked.

Later on in my life I had the opportunity to interview Bob Hartman a couple of times for Creation House publications Christian Life (now Charisma) and Christian Retailing Magazine. When I find them, I’ll post them here.
Then in partnership with Harvest Productions, WCRM 103.9 FM, the Christian Music station I managed, helped to sell out many Petra concerts at the Odeum in Villa Park IL during the 1981 – 1986 Greg Volz era.

It was an exciting time and we saw the impact their music had on a generation of young believers living in the Chicago area. But it was the message in the music that was so incredibly fruitful. Lives were changed.
Many were saved and/or rededicated their lives to Christ at those Petra concerts. Such ministry was a top priority and it came across loud and clear. The Marshall amps helped too. LOL!

To listen just log on:

Here is the Petra Part 1 playlist, and a day early at that.

1. Chameleon from Never Say Die

2. God Gave Rock & Roll to You from Come and Join Us

3. Hollow Eyes from Captured in Time and Space

4. Grave Robber from Not of This World

5. Bema Seat from Not of This World

6. GodPleaser from Not of This World

7. Beat the System from Captured in Time and Space

8. Stand Up from More Power To Ya

9. More Power To Ya from More Power To Ya

10. Second Wind from More Power To Ya

11. Disciple from More Power To Ya

12. Angel of Light from Never Say Die

13. Witch Hunt from Beat the System

14. Voice In The Wind from Beat the System.

15. Backslidin’ Blues from Petra

16. Woman You Don’t Know from Come and Join Us

17. Without You Surely I Would Die from Come and Join Us

18. Why Should the Father Bother from Washes Whiter Than

19. For Annie from Never Say Die

20. Praise Ye The Lord from Never Say Die

21. Judas Kiss from More Power To Ya

22. Not of This World from Not of This World

23. Clean from Beat The System

24. Yahweh Love from Washes Whiter Than

SnT will play one song approximately every hour from this list beginning at 12:00am EST Saturday, August 20, 2011.

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James Burkhardt

Petra Means Rock

This Saturday, August 20, 2011 SnT will feature the music of Petra. To listen log on:

I hope these bring back some fond memories for you. Please tell your friends that I’ll publish the Petra songlist
Friday night about 9pm EST on this blog.

Remember Petra means rock.

James Burkhardt

2nd Chapter of Acts Spotlight Songlist for August 13, 2011

The 2nd Chapter of Acts Playlist for Saturday August 13, 2011

1. Hey Whatcha Say from How The West Was Won

2. Morning Comes When You Call from How The West Was Won

3. Jesus Is Single

4. Til The Walls Come Down from Live with The Omartians

5. Mansion Builder from Live with The Omartians

6. Humble Yourself from Faraway Places

7. Lookin’ At God’s Son Single

8. Prince Song from To The Bride

9. Night Light from Night Light

10. I Fall In Love/Change from With Footnotes

11. Which Way the Wind Blows from With Footnotes

12. Denomination Blues from To The Bride

13. I’m So Happy Single

14. Bread of Life from Rejoice

15. The Devil’s Lost Again from With Footnotes

16. Make My Life A Prayer To You from Mansion Builder

17. Mountain Tops from Mansion Builder

18. Takin’ The Easy Way from Twenty 1972 – 1992

19. Easter Song from With Footnotes

20. Psalm 63 from In the Volume of the Book

21. Rejoice from Rejoice

22. Heaven Came to Earth from Rejoice

23. Love, Peace, Joy from To The Bride

24. Yahweh from In the Volume of the Book

SnT begins playing one of these songs every hour beginning at 12am Eastern Standard Time on August 13, 2011

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James Burkhardt

Don’t Fear The Redeemer

Hello again. Today is August 12, 2011 and this is the second entry. Remember the beginning of Star Trek. Star date… Captain’s Log entry, etc. Writing a blog is somewhat like that.

This Saturday on SnT the spotlight will be on the music of the 2nd Chapter of Acts. I’ve turned the SnT Archive upside down to find and play 24 of their best and rarest recordings that you just don’t hear on the radio anymore. Yes, SnT Radio plays a lot of 2nd Chapter of Acts tunes but the majority of these that you’ll hear tomorrow are not on the regular SnT playlist. Live recordings form To The Bride, How the West was Won, and Live with the Omartians. Three of their early singles. Plus many album cuts from With Footnotes and In the Volume of the Book as well as their 80’s recordings. And a select few of your favorites that you’d expect to hear from their body of work. Enjoy!

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The Bible says that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. The big 70’s radio hit by Blue Oyster Cult Don’t Fear the Reaper attempted to romanticize death in it’s lyrics. I wonder what would happen if someone wrote a song called Don’t Fear the Redeemer. With so much fear in the world today, why not use reverse psychology to draw people away from fear and into the light? Does not God continually have redemption in His heart for mankind in this age of Grace? Or have we placed God solely into the role of prosecutor, jury, judge, and jailer in these uncertain times? I think that is not only unfair but totally opposite of God’s way of operating in the world since Jesus came to set us free. The Gospel message is very simple, Repent and be saved”. Once saved the working out of our salvation, i.e. transforming into His disciples is the most fulfilling way to live one’s life imaginable.

So as unusual as the concept may sound, “Don’t fear the Redeemer”. Jesus loves you, died to redeem your sinful life back into relationship with God and gives you the free gift of eternal life. All one has to do is accept Jesus Christ as Lord of one’s life. That is the only way to Heaven. That is God’s plan which hasn’t changed in over 2010 years. No other god of any other religion on earth did the work upfront for you to be accepted or “worthy” of a relationship with them. In contrast, Jesus is uniquely the redeemer of the world. Only believe. Yes, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth is almighty and should be worshiped with a sense of awestruck wonder.  As Rich Mullins wrote, “Our God is an Awesome God.”


James Burkhardt, Founder/Host



Thanks for reading the SnTRadioBlog. I love great music and love to muse over hot topics as well. Rather than stop the music and talk on, I thought a blog would be a cool way to interact with you. Plus, you can make comments and share your opinions, too! Today is August 9, 2011 and we begin this journey together by sharing one of my most favorite scriptures from my namesake Book in the Bible. James 1:27 NIV which reads

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

As I ponder this verse, I am motivated to show compassion to orphans and widows. The group which first comes to my mind is those whose father’s have sacrificed their lives for my freedom here in America. After that, I consider the poorest of the poor on earth — those affected by war, famine and disasters. What about you?

Then, there is part two to the verse. Keeping oneself from being polluted by the world. Wow! How do I do that?
I pray and ask for revelation in order to decide what my steps should be. After all, doesn’t Psalms state, “the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord?” So I am very thankful that I am not left to my own understanding for that would truly be a disaster. My many trips around the sun have taught me that “prayerlessness” is not an option. Ask God for His wisdom. You will get it.

One a sad note, today the life of singer/songwriter Janny Grein (Grine) is to be celebrated. Many will remember her songs, Covenant Woman, Free Indeed and Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters. Our prayers are with her husband Bill and the family. Her wonderful voice is now joined with the throng worshiping around the Heavenly throne. She is truly Free Indeed!

James Burkhardt, Founder/Host